Tuesday, September 6

Our New Home

We finally found a place to live and will be moving the first week of October. It is a frame cottage...everything on one floor except the bedroom. We have one 4 piece bath upstairs and a 2 piece bathroom downstairs, which makes it very convenient. The only time I will have to go upstairs is to clean or go to bed at the end of a long day.

The house has four bedrooms, so when the boys come to stay they can each have a room of their own. All appliances are supplied, including the microwave. The large pantry off the kitchen and numerous cupboards will give me lots of storage space. The living room/dining room is open concept. Our round oak table and chairs will fit in there perfectly.

There are laminate floors throughout, which suits me fine. I'm not a fan of carpeting. We can take Dakota and the house has been entirely renovated, painted and it's in spotless, move-in condition. There 's a small yard, a patio, a workshop and a shed.

What more could you ask for. The only thing missing will be the green space we have here. It's on a main street but there is a park two blocks away. Just hope we like it. The landlady is new to renting and the one thing that concerns me is that she thinks she can enter the premises whenever she wants. I explained that is not feasible and against the landlord/tenant laws of Ontario. Hope it doesn't cause a problem.

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. For some reason every time I tried to log in, it took me to an error page. Glad I'm back once again.

I will post more photos after we get the key.