Saturday, January 30

Today is going to be a bit hectic. The boys are coming to make their mother a birthday gift. When they saw the coasters they wanted to make her some. She likes elephants, so that is what we're going to put on them. I will let you know the results.

We are going to dinner at Mom's today. She is having a few people for my brother's 64th birthday. It will be fun as there's only going to be about five family members there and it will give us a chance to reminisce a bit about years gone by. The boys like it when Uncle Ted and I tell stories from our childhood.

Yesterday was weigh in day and I had lost another three pounds, which makes ten pounds total since the middle of December. I'm very happy with that. Ten pounds in six weeks is a good average. If I lose it slow, it will be easier to keep it off. I just hope the will power holds out.

Not much else happening around here. We've had bitterly cold weather with strong winds this week. Yesterday was milder because there wasn't any wind. Looks like today is about the same. I don't mind the cold weather so much but the wind makes it so much colder.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and warm.

Thursday, January 28

Bitter Cold

Well, the last couple of days have been bitterly cold. Today it was -9F with a wind chill factor of -20F. That's really cold and the wind was very strong.

Brandon and I went out to do a couple of errands this afternoon and when I was coming home after dropping him off, the white-out conditions were deplorable. I couldn't see across the street and this in the city. Not only was the wind blowing the snow, but it was snowing. I imagine that the rural roads were really bad.

I had been home about a half hour when the sun started shining again and the snow had stopped. The conditions changed rapidly both times.

Some have asked how Brandon did on his exams. He was having trouble with Language and his mark was low. It is not his best subject. After his exam on Monday, the teacher had him stay so she could help him. A bit late I'd say. Go figure.

Other than that, life has been a bit boring here. It's January and with the temperatures like they are, I'm not going far. I hope it's warmer in your part of the world.

Tuesday, January 26

A Fun Afternoon

Brandon had exams yesterday and today, so I picked him up from school and we went out for lunch. We haven't done this in a long while. I took Jordan for breakfast a couple of times last fall, but since Brandon is now in high school, he didn't get to go.

I took the camera and got this picture of him coming to the car. He doesn't even know that I did it. He is camera shy and doesn't like to have his picture taken right now. Is this something that all male teenagers go through?

If you look closely, you can tell it was a cold day because the camera caught Brandon's breath. It was windy and the temperatures have plummeted after two days of rain. I'm amazed that we don't have a skating rink everywhere.

Anyway, we went to lunch and then went to look around a shop that sells new and used games. He loves to do that and then he lets me know what games he would like for future reference. In other words he gives me his Wish List. Today he had trouble finding anything that he was really interested in. His tastes are definitely changing.

After that, we came back here and he went on the computer for a while. We talked a bit about his schooling and things that were happening in his life. Before we knew it, it was time to pick Jordan up from school. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Monday, January 25

Not Much News


The boys didn't come on the weekend, so nothing exciting happened here. Those boys keep me from getting bored when they're here. The weekend was especially long but I did do some crafty things to keep from going stir crazy. LOL

It's rained for two days straight and the fog was so thick this morning you could have cut it with a knife. Then this afternoon the temperature began dropping. When I had Dakota out at 6:30 pm it was sleeting a little and the ground was freezing. The last two days taking him for a walk meant that you needed to know how to swim and you'd better have your rubber boots on or you'd have mud up to your thighs.

The weather report tonight said that at this time last year we'd received 108 centimeters (42.5 inches) and this year we've only received 14 centimeters (5.5 inches.) Quite a difference but it doesn't hurt my feelings a bit. I enjoy seeing the world dressed in white lacey snow, but shoveling it isn't easy.

Brandon is trying exams this week and so he only has to go to school today and tomorrow. Then he has the rest of the week off. He's looking forward to the break.

That's about it from here. No other exciting news. What's happening in your part of the world?