Monday, January 25

Not Much News


The boys didn't come on the weekend, so nothing exciting happened here. Those boys keep me from getting bored when they're here. The weekend was especially long but I did do some crafty things to keep from going stir crazy. LOL

It's rained for two days straight and the fog was so thick this morning you could have cut it with a knife. Then this afternoon the temperature began dropping. When I had Dakota out at 6:30 pm it was sleeting a little and the ground was freezing. The last two days taking him for a walk meant that you needed to know how to swim and you'd better have your rubber boots on or you'd have mud up to your thighs.

The weather report tonight said that at this time last year we'd received 108 centimeters (42.5 inches) and this year we've only received 14 centimeters (5.5 inches.) Quite a difference but it doesn't hurt my feelings a bit. I enjoy seeing the world dressed in white lacey snow, but shoveling it isn't easy.

Brandon is trying exams this week and so he only has to go to school today and tomorrow. Then he has the rest of the week off. He's looking forward to the break.

That's about it from here. No other exciting news. What's happening in your part of the world?


  1. It was raining here yesterday, but today we're getting snow again. We've gotten half the snow we usually get here.
    Cute picture!

  2. I've had the girlies since Wednesday because of another bout of illness for Kristen - the big girls are home but we kept the littles for at least another day so she can get more strength back - I'm exhausted, but they are so adorable.

  3. It was over 60F here on Saturday with thunderstorms, and the high Monday was 42. We're to have rain on Thursday changing to snow/sleet/freezing rain and the temp dropping all day. High on Friday of 19 and down to 2F for the low that night. Quite a change in a few days' time! I'm praying we get snow and not ice, but they haven't ruled that out yet. Sigh.

    Be careful and stay warm, Mary.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Beautiful here but ice storm headed our way on Thursday....... I DO NOT LIKE ICE!

    AND when you find that you are having to look for something to do......... COME TO MY HOUSE I will put you on the computer and let you help me with my web site!!!!!!! It is so time consuming!

    Love ya and keep those rubber boots handy.....

  5. I say cut that fog with a knife, bring it in the house and make marshmallows out of it! Perfect for hot chocolate~
    We're having big downpours here that last couple of days. Today the sun would come out then it would rain like crazy, then the sun would come out and we'd start all over again. Rubber boot weather for sure.

  6. I hope Brandon doesn't stress out too much with his exams. Good that he's trying. :) I have no doubt it would be rather quiet there. Did you get any writing or reading in?

  7. Not much happening here,either. A short blustering snow quickly passed through last night and almost canceled our writing meeting, but two of us still got to meet. More snow on the way.

  8. Wow! I thought we were down on our snow totals, but you have us beat! Still we don't have a lot. We've had weird snow "storms". Last week we had about 6 inches, which really is nothing. But then we got an inch or two more each day for the rest of the week. Then the sleet and freezing rain, followed by heavy rain and temps reaching 50 degrees. Lots of melting. I can't say that I miss the usual snowfall, either. LOL

    The kids finally had a "snow" day. It was actually an ice day and then a late start day for the freezing rain.

    Congratulations to Brandon for trying the exams! That's the spirit. :-)


  9. So....not too much going on here.
    Ran some errands today....I have to have a TB test to do substitute work in our school cafeterias. So I spent some time checking on that and checking on what I need for the class I am taking Friday.
    Also, got a call back today for an interview...don't think I will do it..the hours are horrible..but I will go and see.
    And...I am thinking about going back and finishing up college. When I stopped I only had one class left to take...we will see what I have to do to finish up.
    Keith's interview went well...and he will see toward the end of the week if he gets a call back for another interview.
    That's about it from our neck of the woods. :)