Thursday, January 28

Bitter Cold

Well, the last couple of days have been bitterly cold. Today it was -9F with a wind chill factor of -20F. That's really cold and the wind was very strong.

Brandon and I went out to do a couple of errands this afternoon and when I was coming home after dropping him off, the white-out conditions were deplorable. I couldn't see across the street and this in the city. Not only was the wind blowing the snow, but it was snowing. I imagine that the rural roads were really bad.

I had been home about a half hour when the sun started shining again and the snow had stopped. The conditions changed rapidly both times.

Some have asked how Brandon did on his exams. He was having trouble with Language and his mark was low. It is not his best subject. After his exam on Monday, the teacher had him stay so she could help him. A bit late I'd say. Go figure.

Other than that, life has been a bit boring here. It's January and with the temperatures like they are, I'm not going far. I hope it's warmer in your part of the world.


  1. It's cold here too, but not that bad! Our wind chills are -5 and temp right now is 8. Stay warm!

  2. Stay warm sweeter, I love you.

  3. go out and have a few snow fights with Brandon, and you will warm up LOL.

    Once I was in a blizzard, only I didn't know it was ablizzard coming from the Tropics. I slipped and tumbled. It was probably like you white out. When I came back, The TV announced that everyone should stay in doors.

  4. Another weird round of weather stuff going on. Today was fairly warm, but it seemed cold because of no sunshine. But not bad at all. We had a tiny bit of snow last night - we could sure use some more.

  5. Freezing rain and sleet here right now, 28F. It's starting to coat the trees and power lines now. I sure hope it switches over to snow soon before the power goes off from the ice damage!

    Thank you so much for putting Kelli's button on your blog. I know she appreciates it very much, and especially appreciates your prayers on her behalf.

    Stay warm and safe, Mary. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  6. sounds miserably cold...and I do not enjoy cold so I can just imagine! I have been housebound for weeks and it is rather balmy here in comparison. Be careful, be safe and stay warm....keeping you in my thoughts...jj

  7. As my ex-husband would probably say if he were still living on the east coast, it was colder than a witch's left tit here!
    I don't know how cold that actually might be, don't have a clue what the temps were here yesterday but I do know it was really, REALLY cold and very windy too with lots and lots of blowing snow and a goodly number of whiteouts as well! Not my favorite kind of weather, that's for sure!

  8. well it's warmer...but sposed to be very cold when I leave to go home in a few hours.

  9. We have awakened to a sheet of crunchy ice on everything and temp in the teens. I voted "no" on this round of ice and snow but looks like my vote didn't carry.

    Okay, I am really in a dilemma over a picture for my coasters. I thought I knew exactly the picture of Slim I wanted to use but there is a big sun slur in the middle. My second favorite is great of the dog but all the grass is dead around her. Don't give up on me. I'm still looking.

  10. It's sure not warmer in Ottawas. It's -21 now and that's without windchill. Brrr.

  11. I haven`t gone out for 2 days now because of the extreme cold out there!! It was -23c when I got up this morning and although the sun is shining, the winds are still making it feel like -34c. I knew we`d be paying for the milder temps we had this month! lol

    Except for taking care of mom for a couple of days, not much going on here either. January is always such a slow month and all I seem to do during that month is declutter my house! xoxo

  12. Congratulations on your continued weight loss. I appreciate how hard this is to do....