Thursday, July 15

Jo Ann has Passed

Jo Ann passed from this world on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at approximately 6:50pm EST. She had been sleeping a lot during the day, due to increased morphine. She was comfortable. She opened here eyes and passed very peaceably on to the next world.

I am fine with this. We said our goodbyes on Tuesday when we had a few moments alone. It was a melancholy moment that is forever etched in my memory.

Thank you to all who prayed that her passing would be gentle. It was. May she rest in peace. On day we will see each other again.

Monday, July 12

What's Happening with Jo Ann

My friends and regular readers will know that my friend, Jo Ann, is terminally ill. She has refused treatments of chemo and radiation because the cancer was stage 4 before it was found. The cancer has now moved to her bones, liver, stomach and lungs. Originally, it was only in her jaw.

Friday night she had terrible nightmares and ripped her intravenous and feeding tubes out. Saturday night she had a good night but Sunday night she once again ripped out her intravenous and feeding tubes. She doesn't want any more nutrition and told the nurses she's had enough. They have increase her morphine and she can take it whenever she needs it. She is not in pain but the doctors have told her family her body is shutting down.

Because of body shut down, they have moved her to pallative care. I'd like to thank you all for continued prayers. Please pray she won't suffer any pain and that she will pass over peacefully.