Saturday, April 17

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Good morning, friends and readers. Not much new here, except the surgery is coming closer at a rapid rate of speed. I truly wish they had left it at the original time of 8am instead of changing it to 1pm EST. But... we don't always get what we wish for and sometimes we need to be careful what we wish for because we might get it.
Many blessings over the last week. A great surgeon, a good anethesiologist. Grandsons who enjoy staying overnight to be sure Grandma is okay. We are truly blessed in this country to have such great health care. Yes, some complain, but we need to count our blessings. Many countries don't have health care of any kind.
It was cold here today and winter jackets were needed. There was a tiny skiff of snow on the ground this morning, but it only stayed about an hour.
I will update Sunday night. For now, all is well. Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.
 good-morning Glitter graphics
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There's been a lot going on this week. It's been so busy trying to get everything done. Not half of it got done. I just kept running out of time.

Pre-op Update:

Everything is looking good. Surgeon told me that there is nothing wrong with my heart and that I'm a healthy person. Seems that 4 arteries just need to be replaced. LOL I got a kick out of that. What he was saying is that other than clogged arteries, there is no disease or damage done. Good news!!!

My surgery time has been changed from 8am EST to 1pm EST on Monday. I would rather it was 8am, but guess that is not to be. I just want it over and done with.

Thanks to all who have commented both here and on FB. I appreciate your prayers, loving concern and cheery comments. Keeps me going.

Lost another pound this week, which suits me fine. I won't be eating for a couple of days, so maybe I will lose a couple more.

Dwight will try to keep you updated here. Otherwise, I will have him write to Anni. I haven't asked her yet, but possibly she can update you.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Wednesday, April 14

Update on All my Loved Ones

It seems things happen quickly around here. My brother let us know last night that Josh is stirring and blinking more. Though he isn't conscious, they are moving him this morning to the Head Trauma Unit.
JoAnn is doing much better. She finished her radiation yesterday, which is awesome. She is feeling better and is moving forward. She will have a check up at the end of May.
As for myself, Friday is pre-op and Monday at 8am EST I will be having quadruple bypass surgery. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.
On a lighter note, I am taking orders for crocheted dish/wash cloths. This is how I'm planning to keep sane while in hospital. If you'd like me to make a set for you, just let me know in the comment section and leave 2 color choices.
Have a wonderful day. Life if moving forward and blessings are being received.

Sunday, April 11

Counting My Blessings

Since I can't sleep, I may as well update all my friends and readers. I'm feeling great other than the odd ache & pain. Legs have been paining me a lot. I can't take ibuprofen for my arthritis while taking plavix, which is a blood thinner. Tylenol helps a bit but doesn't keep the swelling down.

As far as the heart, it seems to be behaving itself. I did have to take a shot of nitro this afternoon and one tonight, but think it is just the stress of everything. Have a decent appetite, but did gain weight while in the hospital. I couldn't believe the food they brought me and my room mate. Our trays were to represent a diabetic diet, yet we got jam, bananas (a half is okay but not a whole) lots of pasta and bread, fruit juices high in sugar and sugar to add to coffee and tea. I didn't bother eating much of the stuff they brought. Dinner was usually pretty good and it tasted great, not bad for hospital food.

Went out and looked around the garden today. It needs work, but told Brandon and Jordan that would have to be theirs and Grandpa's job until I got back on my feet. That was just fine with them. I have perriwinkles, one tulip, hyacinths, crocus and grape hyacinths all blooming. What a wonderful sight...the rebirth of spring brings hope.

I haven't had the ambition to visit anyone yet, but will try to do so in the next few days. Thanks to everyone for their loving concern, well wishes and prayers. I love each and every one of you.

Counting my blessings and my joys for today:

Internet friends who are loving and caring
That no permanent damage was done to my heart
That my heart team is excellent loving people who genuinely care for their patients
Grandsons who want to help
A husband who is exhausted from worry
A mother who is concerned and worried
Family members who give love and support
Our heavenly father who looks after each of us on a daily basis and provides all of our needs.
Michelle who lends me her sons willingly to help out as they can and who is helping as much as she can.