Saturday, April 17

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Good morning, friends and readers. Not much new here, except the surgery is coming closer at a rapid rate of speed. I truly wish they had left it at the original time of 8am instead of changing it to 1pm EST. But... we don't always get what we wish for and sometimes we need to be careful what we wish for because we might get it.
Many blessings over the last week. A great surgeon, a good anethesiologist. Grandsons who enjoy staying overnight to be sure Grandma is okay. We are truly blessed in this country to have such great health care. Yes, some complain, but we need to count our blessings. Many countries don't have health care of any kind.
It was cold here today and winter jackets were needed. There was a tiny skiff of snow on the ground this morning, but it only stayed about an hour.
I will update Sunday night. For now, all is well. Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.


  1. Good attitude, friend. That will take you far.

  2. Stay calm, and keep your wonderful attitude. I love you.

  3. It's a blessing to have a great attitude! You've been blessed with a great family as well!

  4. With your recent posts each day, I feel you're getting ansy...Don't fret my dear. I've had family members with bypass surgeries and they all came out with flying colors!! You'll be as good as new in no time!

  5. Congrates on another pound. Everything works out for a reason so the later time may be a blessing. I am happy to hear your ticker is not damaged. Keep a smile on your face and a prayer in your heart. Peace

  6. Mary,

    I agree with everyone - you have a great attitude. I look forward to your posts after you have recuperated! :-)

    Love & hugs,

  7. "Grandsons who enjoy staying overnight to be sure Grandma is okay." How very sweet, thoughtful and considerate are they?! I love their hearts!

  8. I am thinking of you and sending lots of love, anything i can do to help with your etsy world just let me know, in fact anything i can do to help at all, just ask

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