Friday, March 22

I'm Way Behind

The last week and a half, I've been fighting bronchitis, ear infection and a nasty cold. I suspect it is from the changeable weather. This seems to happen to me every spring and fall. One day it's warm and you need only a light jacket. The is cold and windy with snow flurries.

I was feeling some better Tuesday but had to go out to an appointment and do some errands. There was a nasty cold wind. Wednesday morning, I was right back where I started. It seems everyone has this yucky stuff right now. I'm trying to stay in so I won't be exposed to the germs when people sneeze and cough in public places.

I'm not the only one who has had this in our family. My daughter seemed to fight it off well, but Brandon and Jordan have both had a day off school because of it. Hubby has had it also. I think he was the one that passed it on to me.

All of this illness has put me behind in getting settled in our new place. There are still boxes in the hall and kitchen. The living room is pretty much in order, as is my Etsy room. Our bedroom needs a bit of organizing and the spare bedroom isn't set up yet. Actually, it has a few boxes filled with yard sale items.

One plus is, I have snow drops blooming along the side of the house. A sure sign that Miss Spring is trying to fight off Old Man Winter. According to the weather man, it won't be before the end of March. Seems we're going to have gusting winds and snow flurries until then at least. I just hope that this weather doesn't forge on into April.

So that's about all the news I have for today. Wishing you all a great weekend filled with nice weather.