Thursday, September 22

Not Long Now

It won't be long now until we are in the new house. Moving day is October 3rd and after that, I hope to get more photos so my readers can see more of the new house.

I dread this move. I hate moving with a passion. Packing is no fun and unpacking isn't either, so this is a trying time for me. Decluttering has been a trial and error basis. I've had some things for 20 years that I hate to part with but since they are never displayed, I've sold them or given them away. Much has gone to the charity, "Bibles for Missions." Many books, clothing that is good but no longer wearable by us, knick knacks, Christmas decorations that haven't been used for years and so much more. It will be good to have a fresh start without all that clutter.

We've been really busy and I haven't had much to blog about but have been reading your blogs even when I didn't have time to comment.