Thursday, September 22

Not Long Now

It won't be long now until we are in the new house. Moving day is October 3rd and after that, I hope to get more photos so my readers can see more of the new house.

I dread this move. I hate moving with a passion. Packing is no fun and unpacking isn't either, so this is a trying time for me. Decluttering has been a trial and error basis. I've had some things for 20 years that I hate to part with but since they are never displayed, I've sold them or given them away. Much has gone to the charity, "Bibles for Missions." Many books, clothing that is good but no longer wearable by us, knick knacks, Christmas decorations that haven't been used for years and so much more. It will be good to have a fresh start without all that clutter.

We've been really busy and I haven't had much to blog about but have been reading your blogs even when I didn't have time to comment.


  1. I've missed you, but knew you were probably very, very, busy. I'm come back later to see the new house..

  2. I missed you too. Congrats on the weight loss. I had a couple of weeks when I stalled but I just kept plugging away and I started losing again. I had to redo my ticker. It wouldn't work either.
    Can't wait to see the new place.
    Mama Bear

  3. I feel for you with the moving, since I haven't done so in 35 years and don't want to even think about it! Although I should pretend I'm moving so I can get some clean-out done!

    I'm starting again on the weight loss journey since I allowed myself to go back up. I'm aggravated with myself.

  4. Glad to hear from you again. You are doing good with the weight loss. I've been working on it too and have lost 35 pounds, which I'm really happy about.
    Moving is one way to declutter. I need to work on that. Hope the move goes smoothly - can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Moving is tough.

    How is Mom taking the change in plans?

  6. Mary,
    I sympathize with you about moving...the last time we moved it took me a year to get over it. The Little Red Hen lifted furniture she shouldn't have...Pain, Pain, Pain...

    Blessings...Betty @ Country Charm

  7. I confess to having been a P.P. follower of your blog posts for some time now. (P.P. meaning P**s Poor) I follow you so yes, do read your posts but just have been extremely lax in commenting to most of the many blogs I follow. But this -I had to comment because I -like you -do hate, loathe, abhor and despise moving and I vowed 32 years ago this winter, when my kids and I moved in to the family home after my Mom died -a move that entailed only going from the house next door to this one -that I would NEVER move again! Well, to a certain degree I held to that although I did leave here for a year from 1994 to 1995 and shared an apartment in a suburb of Baltimore while working there but I kept this house too as my daughters were living here, keeping up the bills on the old place, etc. And I did that again too in 2002, when I spent 4 months working in Harrisburg, PA till I came back home and have been back, hopefully to spend the rest of my days here! To move out of this place -well, definitely not something I'd ever want to do and would be extremely difficult to begin trying to figure out what to take, what to ditch, what could maybe be sold! Makes me understand what might go on in the minds of those people on that program, "Hoarders" ya know! Not that the amount of stuff my daughter and I have is in that league -but there are days when I do think we're heading in that direction! Hope things go smoothly for you when you do make that move though!