Monday, September 12

Kudos for Brandon

Brandon received a notification in the mail that he is on the Honor Roll for his Grade 10 year. He also received a Geography Award. This is great news for the entire family and especially for Brandon. This is the boy who at one time couldn't cope with school at all and had meltdowns every morning because he had to go.

This year Brandon is in Grade 11. He is taking math, english, a double period of cooking class in the second semester, horticulture, world history, gym and one more that I can' remember. Here's hoping that he does well again this year. I know he is looking forward to cooking, horticulture and world history.

This Grandma is PROUD!!!


  1. Way to go! I know Grandmom is proud!

  2. Congrats to that boy........ AND congrats to that grand mom..... You do know that your influence in his life is what has given him the courage to be the best he can be...You have encouraged him and guided him and supported him.... You are THE influence in his life and he will grow to be a strong self sufficient man....and you are a BIG part of that...

  3. Congratulations from a former geography teacher.

  4. Well you have every right to be proud of Brandon, such a huge accomplishment for him:-) Isn't it unbelievable how far he's come, good for him!!! As Denise says, you can take some credit because you've been such a big influence in his life.

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing on Sunday because Claude will be here. He's been staying at mom's since her birthday but he'll stay here for a couple of days before I have to bring him to the airport. I'll let you know:-) xoxo

  5. Mary,

    Brandon is doing so well - yes, you should be proud of him! It's so uncommon to find kids who are into world history - tell him that I am cheering him on...:) That was my favorite class in school - but now it is American History. Cooking is also good - both of my sons are excellent cooks - although in different areas. Jason likes down home cooking while Joshua likes hispanic and greek....yea for me!

  6. ...and I can see why you're proud. Brandon is gonna ace 11th grade.

    Desert Shadows and Week's Summary is my day's post link if you'd care to join me.

    Have a glorious weekend.

  7. ps....sweet home!!! And ya, if you read your comments a few posts back, I logged in and corrected the error message you kept getting. So now you can blog all you want.

  8. Hooray! Sonshine brought home a progress report that gives his grades for the first 1/2 of the first 6 weeks grading period.....all A's but one B, happy day! here's hoping he can keep it up.



    here I am trying to procrastinate making gifts and then I see THAT.


  9. Congrats to Brandon. This was wonderful news and Grandma you have a right to shout his achievements. Peace

  10. Just stopping by to say hello and see how you are settling into your new home.... Make sure and take pictures........

    Love ya girl