Thursday, May 12

A Surprise Move

On the 4th of May, our landlord's real estate agent stopped by to tell us that the house would be going up for sale. When we moved here, the landlord promised us he wouldn't sell it out from under us. So much for promises. 

We've lived here for 3.5 years, never been late with the rent and kept all of the promises we made. So, I told him then and there that we would be moving asap. The next day we saw a house that was perfect for us and it was for rent. The landlord there showed it to us. It had a dining room, living room, kitchen, laundry room, pantry and mud room all on the same level. No more stairs, which is perfect for me with my severe knee and leg pain. 

The landlord phoned 2 days later and told us that he and his wife had talked it over and they were going to rent to us. So later that day, we went and signed the lease. It's in a quiet area near a park and it has both a nice front and back yard. 

The last few days, we've felt our age. Packing and getting ready to move is not easy when you both have heart, back and arthritis problems. Feeling my age like never before.