Saturday, January 23

My Project is Finished

I mentioned that I had a project on the go but couldn't get it just right because I couldn't find the proper sealer. I was making wolf ceramic tile coasters. These are nice for men's gifts or I can add something that is more appropriate for women. The trouble was, the first one I finished stuck to a hot coffee cup. So back to the drawing board. I finally found a sealer that worked and have completed the set. There are felt feet on the back to keep them from scratching the furniture. I really enjoyed making these once I found the proper sealer.

The nice thing about making these is that you can personalize them for anyone. Photos can also be added to the coasters or they can be made for bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, fisherman and so much more. I'm going to make a few more sets. These are available in my Etsy Shop. Why don't you drop by and see what else I have for sale.


  1. Great idea.

    I had no idea you were such an entrepreneur.

  2. these are wonderful gifts, so unique!
    nicely done, Mary

  3. That is so great....and what a great creative outlet. I love doing things like this...and I forget how much I enjoy it until I see others doing things that are creative.
    Glad you had fun...going over to see what is in your shop. :)

  4. wow Mary you are so clever! How did you make them?

  5. Mary, seriously. I would like those coasters for my daughter. I'll email you.

  6. These are amazing....such a wonderful craft. I hope you have great luck in selling!!!

    I'm gonna check out to see if I can find an online tutorial to make some for us.

    Thanks for the tip.

    ♥ Wolves.

  7. Nice......... you go girl! I would have never thought of that!

    Have a very creative Sunday...

  8. Did you put cork under the photo? Some ceramic coasters don't soak up the condensation from a cold drink. This would work for hot ones, though.
    I noticed the weight loss goal counter. Good luck!
    I'm trying again! I'll pray for you. What day do you weigh in? We could be accountability partners. I'm weighing on Friday morning, first thing. I have cut out between meal snacks. I'm also trying to eat fish 3 times a week for the Omega 3 help.
    I hope you're having a good Sunday. It has been raining here all day.
    Mama Bear

  9. Good job, Mary. I hope you make and sell loads!

    It's a sunny, but cold day here in Colorado. I love the sun - helps the cold be more bearable.

  10. Can someone send you a photo and you make the coasters? I would love to have coasters with my dog Slim. Also, I love the ones you made and I didn't know about your little shop until now. How cool.

  11. Very, very nice Mary. I have to go and check out your shop now.

    God bless.

  12. Those are very pretty. I made a few of those about a year and a half ago. I had a small box of tiles I'd picked up at a yard sale.