Sunday, January 17

Memories of Uncle Hardy

Today, while searching for photos for memory boxes I'm making for the boys for Valentine's Day, I ran across this photo and it brought back memories of my childhood.

In the photo, from left to right is my older brother, Dad and Uncle Hardy. Well, actually he was my great-uncle.

Uncle Hardy was a little man, but he had a lot of spunk. He and Aunt Lil sometimes invited us to come for Sunday dinner. This is a photo that was taken one such Sunday afternoon.

At this point in time, we didn't have television at home, so going to Uncle Hardy's and Aunt Lil's as a treat. Uncle Hardy always had the tv on in the afternoon and he would always chose a show that he knew we kids would enjoy.

Uncle Hardy worked in a sawmill in his younger days. One day an accident occured and his right arm was severed by a buzz saw. At that time a man with one arm just couldn't find work. No one thought he would be able to perform his duties, but Uncle Hardy could do plenty with his left arm by the time I remember him.

He and Aunt Lil didn't have much. He wouldn't hear of them going on welfare and so began to pick the dump for objects that he could resell. He did well at it and for years he and Aunt Lil lived off the money he made reselling things that other people no longer wanted. I guess you could say he recycled before recycling was popular.

Uncle Hardy suffered from diabetes. In those days the disease was deadly. He took shots of insulin with a syringe and he ate like a sparrow. Back then they didn't know a diabetic can eat anything or about counting carbs. Because of this, Uncle Hardy ate like a bird.

Aunt Lil and Uncle Hardy would come to dinner at our place sometimes. I know Mom always stressed that she wouldn't have the proper food for him to eat.

I'm sorry that my daughter and grandsons never got to meet this spunky little man. He had a great sense of humor and loved kids. He and Aunt Lil were childless. I'm not sure why. Maybe they just figured they couldn't afford kids.

I'm glad I found this photo. Our family doesn't have many of Uncle Hardy. I will have to see if Mom has a photo of Aunt Lil so I can introduce all of my friends and readers to her.


  1. Thanks for sharing your memories of your uncle. It brought back memories of a Great Uncle of mine that used to visit us for Sunday dinner. Uncle Conrad was hunchbacked and made his living as a tailor. The one thing I always will remember is the chocolate he had in his pocket each and every time he came to visit.

    God bless.

  2. Enjoyed your memories sweetie.

  3. Great memories! He sounds like a pretty awesome man!

  4. thank you for sharing this posting with us.It made me think back to my own childhood especially one time when my Uncle Rich (Mom's Brother)came for a visit while he was in the Army I have a picture of him and me.

  5. He sounds like he was an amazing man. You know something funny, one of my aunts we call Aunty Hardy but her real name is Fran apparently one of the kids when they were younger couldn't say Fran so Hardy was said instead, go

  6. Sounds like a wonderful man.. People like that shape our lives and gives us values that they never even expected that they were doing.... What a beautiful memory..

  7. Loved this post Mary. I had a Great Uncle Hardy-and he was a lot like your Uncle Hardy. I haven't thought about mine in years-so thank you for the reminder-and the story from your family.

    (sure wish I could go to the Smithsonian of American History-maybe someday : )

  8. How wonderful to "meet" uncle Hardy:-) Isn't it amazing how old photos like that can bring back so many memories?! Sounds like he was quite a fun guy and it's no wonder you so enjoyed going well as for the tv! hehe What a shame that he felt he had to eat like a bird because of his diabetes. If only they knew then what they know now about that disease. Have a wonderful week, dear Mary. xoxo

  9. It was nice to meet your Uncle Hardy. I love going through our old pictures and 'visiting' with old family and friends.