Friday, June 4

Another Update

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It's been an entire week since I've posted anything. Doesn't seem like that long, but time marches on.

I'm doing more everyday. Yesterday Mom was at home and I went to help her sort through some things. She's decided to downsize. After an hour and a half we were both tired out, so quit. I told her there was always another time and we could work at it little by little. She will be staying at my sister's for another week or so. She's doing fairy well getting used to the permanent catheter.

On Wednesday, I phoned the drs office and asked the receptionist when Dwight's appointment for the stroke clinic was. She told me she had just faxed the information that morning. I freaked out a little and asked her why it took her a week to send the information. She stuttered and stammered and didn't know what to say. I was not happy and she knew it.

I thought it would be days before we heard from the stroke clinic, but they phoned Dwight Thursday morning. He had to go this morning for blood tests. Monday he has to go for an EKG and next Wed. he has to go out of town to the stroke clinic. It seems the local stroke clinic is closed for vacation. I didn't know strokes went on vacation but then I guess I'm being cynical. Everyone deserves a vacation but you would think that a medical facility would remain open with a skeleton crew. But what do I know. I am getting really disillusioned with our health care system.

We had quite a dry spell there for a while but last night we had more rain and I hear thunder rolling in now. It is to rain all weekend, so maybe the water table will rise a little.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


  1. Hi Mary,
    Great to hear from you again. I'm especially happy to hear that your Mom is home.
    I agree that it took too long for them to send you info, and how crazy that they close for vacation!

  2. well sounds like a lotta "fun" to me.My week has ben so much "fun"as well.Hugs.

  3. Glad your mom is home. I am praying for you, and your dear husband. I love you.

  4. How is it that they are "so there" when they want your money but when you need the care...okay, now I guess I'm being cynical. :)

  5. I'm not posting much lately either. We go through cycles for one reason or another.

    The other evening I had to go to ER because I couldn't get to see my doctor or any other at the clinic. That was Thursday, and there was no doctor available until Tuesday. Summer hours, I guess, but you'd think that doctors could get together to have someone on call as there are plenty of them in this town.

  6. Well, once again, your blog is not showing up in my reader. And it looks to me like I missed several updates that you posted.

    I do like to read that you're getting along better a bit each and every day.

    I truly miss your emails and you visiting with me on my blog. The last couple of days have been boogers power and then no cable. So, I'm trying to catch up. Glad I finally clicked on my link I have of you in my friends list instead of relying on the Google Reader.

  7. So glad your Mom is home. Hope you're both taking it easy and slow.
    I'm flabbergasted every time I hear stories of Doctor's office's acting like this. I think we all have stories like this, so it seems to be the rule and not the exception. Scary, really.

  8. I wish you could "preach it" to those here in America who think Obama's health care plans are going to resolve our problems instead of making them worse!

  9. I am so glad that your mom is home and I can tell you that the health care system here in the US has deteriorated to the point that I am on the phone to the Dr more and more..... Dad has had UA since last Wednesday and I cannot get Dr to call in Antibiotics... I am going to give them a piece of my mind tomorrow! BUT it is good to be here and I do pray for you even thought I am not here much!

    Praying for you and your mom and Dwight!

  10. It was supposed to have rained all weekend here as well but it ended up being a gorgeous weekend. The sun is shining again today but it's much cooler. I've just finished mulching my faerie garden so I was glad for the cooler temps:-)

    Good to hear that your mom is getting used to the permanent catheter and you're right, doing a bit at a time to downsize her house is a good idea.

    Good for you for letting the receptionist know you were not impressed with her taking a week to send out the information to the stroke clinic. There's just no reason for it, it should be something that's done ASAP when it has to do with strokes or heart attacks.

    Thinking of you!! xoxo

  11. I have been way away from blogging as well..I totally understand. SO glad you are recovering so well, glad to hear about your mom as well.

    Lots of love to you

  12. I'm sorry you're getting disillusioned...I'm sorry that you're experiencing soo many ill effects of your healthcare system.

  13. Here is wishing for good news on Dwight's test. Glad you and your Mom are better. Josh seems to be progessing well too. May you continue to get good news on all your family. Peace

  14. It is not just health care... everything is more complicated than it needs to be... Glad you are doing better.