Tuesday, September 8

The First Day of School

This photo of the boys is about 3 years old. They have changed quite a bit from then, as you can see. Where does the time go? Today, Brandon started high school and Jordan entered grade 7. Seems like yesterday they were babies in arms and I was walking the floor with them. Brandon has colic when he was a baby and since I didn't take care of Jordan during his first year of life, my first real experience with any illness of his was when the boys both had chicken pox...and I mean chicken pox...one on top of the other.

We've got through it all. This morning I drove Brandon to school because the bus people didn't have him on their list. He was fine with that. We parked in the parking lot and he stayed with me until it was time to go in. He never looked back, just went through the front door as if he'd been going there his entire life.

Michelle took Jordan to school and made sure he got the teacher that would be best for him...and he did. Mr. M, who was Brandon's teacher for grade 6 and 7 had one year's peace and now he has Jordan. LOL He is a good teacher and Jordan reported that he had a great day when I picked him up this afternoon.

Barry picked up Brandon on his way home from work and Brandon was beaming when I asked him about his first day of high school. So another milestone has passed and things will change once again. It seems like yesterday he started his first day of kindergarten and now...before we could blink...high school.

I'm glad both boys had a great first day back at school and I hope everyone else who started back today had just as much fun.


  1. It's always a relief to have that first day done and have it go okay. I hope the boys have a great year!

  2. I hope the boys have a great year.

  3. Mary, isn't it a blessing when the boys love their first day at school. I hope they have as much love for school all year.

    God bless.

  4. The first day of school is always bittersweet and reflective. They grow-up so darn fast. Glad they both had a good first day!

  5. Classes down here started a week ago. Glad they liked their first day. My youngest is in college now. My boys always loved the first day, it was the only day I never had trouble getting them up, in fact, they would always be early getting ready on the first day.

  6. I know, I know just how you feel. It boggles our ol' grannies' minds, doesn't it?!! We both have growing to adult grandsons and just yesterday we held the boys' mothers [our daughters] in our arms.

    I had to re-read that part where you posted you "didn't care for Jordan"....now I understand it to be you didn't watch him. There for a minute........

    Have a super Wednesday dear Mary. It's hot and sunny here. Again.

  7. Those yellow buses are rolling again.

  8. And when they walk across the stage to get their high school degree, well you will wonder where those 12 years went, just like we did when Puppy got his certificate. Peace

  9. Gosh...so much changes as time passes and it goes by so fast it seems like....

    Glad things went well
    I have been keeping up just not commenting much.

    Lots of love, Jess

  10. Mary, the boys are sure growing up!! I am so happy that everything went so well for them!
    I was out messing with my blog this morning and didn't read what it said real good and I clicked when I should not have and took all the color off my blog!! No kidding!I am pretty sure Karen can fix it for me! It just looks funny! Hugs Grams

  11. I've been working on scrapbook pages for Daughter. They're all about the children. I've started with Birthdays. It is sweet seeing them when they were small and remembering them at that age. It seems to pass so quickly. Makes me doubly glad that I moved back closer to them before they got too old. Last week I picked up paper with their schools' name on them so I can do the school pages for each year. I am enjoying it but I'm happy thee is just these two to do.
    Your boys are growing fast. We've been friends now for a couple of years. I've watched them changed and shared their lives right along with you. I love blogging. I'm still surprised when I think about it.
    Mama Bear

  12. Awwww bless their hearts, I'm so glad to hear that they had such a good first day back at school. When Steve called me last night, his daughter Kelly wanted to talk to me...she wanted to tell me all about her first day back and how well it had gone. It was a shock because she usually hates school and tries to stay home every morning! lol I agree with you, the years go by much too fast!! xoxo