Friday, August 28

Safari Niagara Part Two

Yesterday I posted about a great day we had last Monday at Safari Niagara and I promised to tell you about an adventure that could have turned into a tragedy. Well, the boys wanted to go on the paddleboats.

I couldn't go because my arthritic knee won't allow me to sit in such a position. Grandpa said he would take, first one and then the other, of the boys.
The girl who was supervising the paddleboats told them to all go together. I didn't like that idea and neither did Grandpa. All three would be over the weight limit, but the young girl insisted.

So off they went. It looked like a lot of fun and I was envious because I've never been in a paddle boat.
They finally got things going and headed out into the lake.

They were laughing and had a little trouble getting going in the direction they wanted to go.

Off into the sunset lake they go. They seemed to be gone an awful long time according to other people and I began to get a bit concerned.

There's Jordan. How in the world did he get on the opposite bank? He wanted to know if he could swim to where I was. I yelled "No, walk around."

Here comes Grandpa and Brandon.
That boat is tipping to the side. It's hard enough to paddle without leaning to try and keep the boat upright.

When Grandpa and Brandon got out of the paddleboat, that young lady yelled at them for letting Jordan out of the boat and told them they could never use the paddleboats again. By this time my dander was up. Here she was yelling at them in front of a crowd of people. She told them now she would have to empty all the water in the boat out before she could let anyone else use it. Duh! She was the one who told them to all go in one paddleboat. I started towards her but hubby wouldn't let me near her. She would have heard a thing or two. She had recklessly endangered all three of them by telling them to break the rules and go together.
Here comes Jordan carrying Brandon's soaked sandals. Brandon and Jordan were both soaking wet. Hubby was a little wet.

I phoned the manager of Safari Niagara and he called me back today. He apologized and agreed that she endangered all three of them by telling them to go together. He assured me he would take care of it and I'm sure he will. He also told me that when we visited again that we could certainly enjoy the paddleboats.

My concern was not so much for the guys, but what if she did this with youngsters who would panic or not know what to do in the same situation. The paddleboat was sinking and so hubby pulled up to the shore and put Jordan out onto the shore where he would be safe. What else was he to do.

I love Safari Niagara and we're hoping to go back next year. Whether we go out in the paddleboats or not will be decided at a later date. We did have a good laugh about it on the way home.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to take time to have some fun.


  1. Oh gosh! But cool heads prevailed! What a silly goose that gal was and then to yell at them in front of other people! Shame on her! BUT so glad they are all fine and I am guessing that they can all swim!

    I am back out and about and trying to catch up and get back in the groove! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Glad you made that call let them know what really happened!

  2. I've been in a paddle boat twice ... once at a local river place where we could swim.. we paddled around in a boat... nothing but fun...

    The next time was a lake in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Lighting stikes and we were having trouble getting in... I was scared to death...

  3. The thing is that such occurrences give us blog fodder, usually better than the average post too. So, not you should find a way to thank that young lady. ;)

    Congratulations on having your story published (below).

  4. Well, any idiot could see the boat was overloaded. It looks like the back end was in the water when they took off. I think the problem is these places do not give enough training. Honey Bear, being in quality and always critiquing these things, says it is a management problem when things are not done properly.
    I sure am glad that it turned out well and it doesn't look like it ruined anyones enjoyment.
    Mama Bear

  5. Omigosh, I can't get over the nerve of that worker, yelling at them after SHE had endangered their lives by making all 3 go together!! My mom used to have a padde boat when she lived on the French River so I've been in one often and I know for a fact you CANNOT take 3 people on it, it will start taking water in. Dwight was very smart to let Jordan off, otherwise they would have all been swimming! I do hope that girl got a talking to from the manager!! xoxo

  6. Good grief....I would have clawed that woman's eyes out!


    Glad all is well

    Love, Jess

  7. We love paddle boats and have been in them many times. Some of them are bigger and made for more than 2 people. Obviously that one wasn't.

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