Sunday, November 22

Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm

Today I picked up the boys around noon, then picked up Mom and we headed to Lynden, Ontario to Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm. We visited there a couple years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Today was a sunny day and not cold, so it was a perfect day to visit. Be sure to click to enlarge the photos for a better viewing experience.
This is the driveway. There are, according to Will's pamphet, over a hundred thousand Christmas trees on the farm.

This is the entrance to the store. They had it nicely decorated. Jordan is peeking out to see where I am.
Besides the store, they have the Pine Loft, where they sell all types of fresh evergreen wreaths and other decorations.
Inside, the store is filled with every Christmas ornament you could imagine.
Santa, a reindeer and a Christmas bear sits above the door of one of the rooms, along with a couple of Christmas polar bears.
Santa's and gingerbread men can be found against one wall.
More Santas, a Christmas train and some snowmen.
An entire section of snow people and some beautiful Christmas stockings.
This one is for Anni. Hundreds of Santas are grouped into this display.
And more Santas. They are all unique and children of all ages are delighted with the Jolly Old Elf.

Jordan, leaning back so he won't be in the photo. I guess I fooled him.
Strings of cranberries, more Santas and a variety of other decorations.
Ah, stacking dolls. I remember playing with one of these as a child.
Another grouping for Anni. Western Santas. I looked for a stagecoach but alas, there wasn't one.
Blue Santas and snowmen. This display seemed to draw lots of attention.
Bears and snowmen and I love the ice skates hanging on the frame of this display. Brings back memories.
It wouldn't be Christmas without the Nativity. These were beautiful. I love the Christmas angel standing in the door of the church.
In the Pine Loft, Santa and some snowmen stand guard.

Pea, I talked to the woman in the store and she remembers you well. She hopes you come back again next year.

Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm is located at 1974 Concession 2 W. RR# 1, Lynden, Ontario.

For more information, visit their website: Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm

We had a great time looking around. The boys bought Great-Grandma a cardinal and a blue jay Christmas tree ornament and their mother a couple of little decorations for her village. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


  1. What a fun place to visit! Looks like you had a nice day for the drive too.

  2. We have NOTHING like that near us.. How I would have LOVED to have browsed around with you....I am always looking for a new Christmas ornament for Chris each year....... Hard to fine things that are different..... Seems like you had a good day......... Beautiful pictures...

  3. That looks like a wonderful place to visit! The Stacking Dolls are georgous! What a great place to buy ornaments....

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, be still my heart!!!! I made sure I came over first thing this morning, to visit with you and read your new entry.....and what a super duper wonderful surprise. Just L@@K at all those Santas! Oh my oh my. I think, honestly, I'd still be there deciding which to take home with me. You're tearing at my heart strings. Are they open year 'round? Ya, like I'd get there....but what a thrill. WoW....just WoW!!!

  5. I love places like this! What a perfect outing you had and not surprised Pea was remembered. Would love to have that santa over the winter welcome sign. He is beautiful!

  6. Looks like a great place. Too bad it wasn't snowing gently. Too bad in a way, I mean.

  7. Isn't that store just totally awesome?!! It made me smile when you said the woman remembered me:-) We had talked quite a lot and she was really impressed with how much I loved Christmas! lol When we were there they had just opened for the season so she hadn't had a chance to decorate the outside of the store or the loft yet so it's lovely to see what it looks like now in your pictures. Now that I know where it is, I want to go back for sure every year:-) xoxo

  8. What a fun store to visit and search. I can just imagine all the joy you had while there. I do wish we had something like that here.

    God bless.

  9. Not a sign of Ba Hum Bug there. Thanks for cherring me up with all the Xmas decorations. Some how blue Santas do not have the warm fuzzy feeling as the red ones. Peace

  10. I can actually smell Christmas just looking at these pictures!

  11. Wow, I never saw so much Christmas stuff in my life. I wouldn't know where to look first.

  12. I remember visiting Christmas stores like this when I lived in Pennsylvania. I would have loved to tag along.
    Mama Bear