Sunday, March 14

March Break

I can't believe it is already March Break. Where did almost three months of the New Year go? Time seems to be Marching on faster and faster as the years go by.

The boys both have their report cards from school. Brandon did awesome. One A, a lot of Bs and one C. The C was in a tech course where all the teacher had them do was watch movies. Of course Brandon wasn't happy with that and so was restless and bored. But how in the world can you get a C in watching movies. I told him not to worry about it. He was disgusted at the time and told me he could watch movies at home. I agree. I don't know why there were 6 weeks of watching movies, but I told Michelle that if he got the same teacher and it happened again that she needed to find out why.

Jordan's report wasn't as good as it could be, but normal for him. He has no interest in school. He is much the same as Brandon was in elementary school. There is nothing that makes it fun. I think he will like high school much better. He has one more year to go after this one.

In other things, still no significant weight loss, but a few inches have been lost. That is okay. The pounds will melt away again soon.

The last two days have been hard rain and winds. The Odes of March. Though it has been mild here, the temperatures could plummet at any time. March in Ontario can be almost anything and we can still get snow or a hard frost until mid May.

Not much else going on here. I've been working on my Etsy store and it is doing fantastic. I began selling there on February 1st and have been selling right along. I enjoy retail, so Etsy fits me fine. I do have a couple of newer items on ebay.

Take care. I'm hoping that I can find some time to visit everyone soon.


  1. Hi Mary! It's good to hear from you again. Glad to hear things are going well in school for Brandon. I agree that Jordon will enjoy High School more.
    It's been windy and rainy here as well. I know in the past our weather has been much the same as yours, and it could get colder here at any time. I am enjoying the fact that the snow is melting!

  2. I'm guessing my attempt at sending you an email yesterday fell through again? I did compose one, and clicked send yet I never rec'd any response from Yahoo that it didn't make it to you tho. :::shrug:::

  3. hey Mary, just a quick question, does Jordan have asperger's like Brandon too?

  4. Halfway through March already - it is truly amazing.

    We had two lovely spring like days, but yucky has returned today. We had a big storm the end of March last year, so it could easily happen again this year.

    Have a great week!

  5. Hello girl...... wondered how you were...... come over to my blog when you can..... I have finally posted........ I think most gals are over at FB now..... I hate that but I guess it is the new thing....... I see you are busy with Etsy....... How are you ? I too am amazed that it is March already....... Time is moving far too fast!

  6. I loved your pun. "Marching along". :) hahahah As for the movies, it sounds like the teacher took the easy way out.

  7. It is hard to believe the winter is just about over. It has been a cruel one. I am going to check out your Etsy shop.

  8. My 'grands' are on Spring Break also but happen to be in the House of Mouse this week. I'm away from home too so don't miss them too badly. I wanted to see a movie and maybe do something else while they were out of school but we'll have to put it off. They'll be home Friday.
    Enjoy the boys,
    Mama Bear

  9. Mary....just a note.
    I've finally just completely deleted the Yahoo account and am setting up a new one....will let you know.

    Have you even rec'd any of my emails from Yahoo the past week? No response from you at all.

  10. Those are some grades to be proud of. These kids have been working hard!
    I thought about selling some antique items on e-bay but postage is so horrible I decided to try local Craig's List when I get the time.
    Thanks for the informative post.

  11. We've had the oddest weather here. Already people are wearing shorts and flip flops and last year at this time we had two feet of snow! Go figure!

    I agree the teacher was taking the easy way out with the movies. I would have been bored and restless too!!!

  12. glad that etsy is working for you....what doyou sell?

  13. It is spring break here in TN too and my SIL is also on spring break from teaching. My sense of humor could see lots of folks from Canada to Jackson Ms out and about on spring break. Seems like there could be a better use of time than watching movies. It was very rare and we had to go to the cafeteria to see a black and white tv and it was a news event never a MOVIE. Tell him that when he goes for a job interview the person will not ask him if he got a C in any subject much less movie watching. Can I apply for that job, I sure would love to earn some coins showing movies to kids? Peace