Saturday, November 27

It's less than a month until Christmas. The time is passing quickly. So much to do. So little time. It's the same every year. Instead of the holiday creeping up on us, it speeds our way, leaving us a little stressed wondering how we're going to get everything done in time.

Yes, I have a lot to do. But I've come to the conclusion that none of it really matters. What is important is to enjoy good health and the love of family and good friends. If the house isn't perfect, so what? Another year will pass and it will be Christmas once again. Maybe next year I'll be ready, but I doubt it. LOL


  1. Yes, and I need to take it one day at a time. Just concentrate on what has to be done today. You sure have the right attitude. ;)

  2. Exactly! I so agree with you, Mary. Last year, when we came very close to losing our daughter in the first weeks of December, I came to the conclussion that what got done for Christmas would get done, and what didn't would wait for another day. It's all in the perspective of things.
    Take it easy, my friend.

  3. Hi Mary!!! Yep, it's whizzing by, the days 'til Christmas. To be sure. I just finished decorating everything I'm gonna decorate, and am ready in that aspect. I'm not gonna do gifts this year except for grandsons. So, that is easy. No shopping at the Christmas you say, it's good health that matters most!!

    I have a Christmas Gift on my sidebar if you'd care to take it with you next time you visit.

    And since I'm over my blogging break, I'm trying to catch up on those friends that visited while I was 'away'...thanks for the kindness and your friendship sweet Mary.

  4. AMEN!!!!!! Just enjoy your family ! Laugh a lot and just enjoy the reason that we celebrate. We will be having Christmas here at my house and I really am not doing much...... Not even going to exchange gifts this year with PE and Alpha.. Just going to have a nice English meal which will be very different for them and just have a nice quiet day......... I am not really ready for a lot of noise. Things have so changed and I just do not handle it well yet........

    Family....... It is one of the reasons for the season........