Sunday, November 28

Christmas Angels

I have been visited by Christmas angels before in my life, but this year, the angels are at work early. They knew that we needed a new set of winter tires for our van. The ones that were on there were in very poor condition. The front ones were worn badly on the outside because we hadn't been able to get the van aligned. The back tires more or less racing slicks. They had absolutely no tread left on them and the one on the left rear had had a plug put in it last summer when we found a screw in it. After that, another screw in the same tire, so another plug. Hubby was having to pump up that tire two to three times a day. I was thankful that we had one of those tire pumps that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It made pumping up the tire easy as well as free. Most places here charge $1.50 for air.

Well, we made an appointment to take the van to get new tires. It was going to put a real financial burden on us. However, when it came time for hubby to pay $630.96 for the tires, the manager at the garage told him it had been taken care of. We were stunned. Who would have paid for a complete set of tires and an alignment, plus the $20 disposal tax that is on tires here in Ontario?

We asked the manager who paid for it, but he told us that the person wished to remain anonymous. Who would have done that? We hadn't seen anyone in the garage or the store attached to it who we knew.

We still wonder and will always wonder who paid for those tires. Another Christmas angel story to add to my memory book.


  1. wonderful, wonderful Blessing dear Mary, and so deserved!

  2. Wow....just wow.

    I do like that you're back to blogging again...

  3. That is so cool! Someone was looking out for you!

  4. That is wonderful! The Christmas Angel surely was looking over you.

  5. That is a nice Blessing. I think those who do such wonderful deeds and do not wish to be known are truly Blessed by our Heaven Father. We had a friend whose daughter needed a new pair of glasses but she could not afford them at the time, so she had the place repair her old ones. Someone heard her say she could not get new glasses and later in the day the store called and told her to come and get her new glasses as someone had paid for them. She never knew who the Angel was either. Peace

  6. When you do random acts of kindness, (I think you were talking about them the first time I ever read your blog) they have a way of coming back home to you.

  7. Mary,
    This made my heart sing! I do believe in angels and our Heavenly Father tenders other hearts to do His bidding...

    Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment....

    God Bless...Betty