Wednesday, December 1

3rd Annual Christmas Book Swap

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For the last two years, I have hosted a Christmas book swap. It's been so successful that I'm going to host it again this year.This will be loads of fun, just as it was last year. We must get the books in the mail by December 7th to be sure that everyone receives their book before Christmas. So I'm going to make the deadline to sign up December 1st. This will give me time to partner everyone, gather the addresses and let everyone know who their partner is. I've extended it a couple of days to see if anyone else would like to join.

Now for the rules. The books have to be Christmas books, either fiction or non-fiction. Christmas decor and cooking magazines are fine if your partner agrees. Talk to your partner and find out the type of books they like and then send them a book or magazine that they can enjoy. Please do not send books that are not Christmas oriented unless it is included as an extra surprise.

Please, if you sign up, be sure that you send a book. What a disappointment to sign up for a swap and receive nothing after you have done your best to send your partner a book that they will enjoy.This was a LOT of fun last year and I hope you will join in. Everyone is welcome. Just leave a comment saying you'd like to take part. You must either have a blog or leave an email address where I can contact you and of course I will need your mailing address.


  1. I would love to join the Christmas book swap this year! I hope you get lots of sign ups, it should be fun!

  2. Yeah! Please sign me up, Mary! I had forgotten all about it until you left me the note on Facebook. I love your Christmas book swap!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh yes! I have so enjoyed this each year.. Put my name in the pot! Have a wonderful day girl. I am cooking for Thanksgiving...... We are headed over to Chris' tomorrow.... Makes it easier on me...

    Love ya!

  4. Mary, I'm on my lunch break from getting things ready for the holiday weekend. Just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks so much for the visit and lovely comment. I've missed you and your blogging!!

  5. Yes, I was wondering if we would be doing this again..I have been richly blessed by my partners the past two years...Do you still have my address, Mary?
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Mama Bear

  6. Hi Mary, It was so nice to get online this morning and find a comment from you! YAY! I have missed you too! Yes, I would love to be in your Christmas book swap just let me know who my partner will be! I haven't done any of these things for a long time and it's time to get back into it. Maybe I will get Pea for my partner!

    Can you do a tutorial on how you do the coasters made from the tiles. That would be such a fun project that I could do for friends but I don't know exactly how you do it. What do you use for sealer? etc....

    I LOVE your header!!! It is just gorgeous!!!!!!! I must get one done after today and all the turkey is eaten! :o) One thing I am thankful for is friends like you that I have met through blogging! Take care.

  7. Mary, I would love to be a part of the book swap again. I really have to get into blogging again. I miss chatting with everyone.

  8. Woohoo, yes, I do want to take part again this year:-) I was wondering if you were going to have this again this year and I'm so glad you are!! Looking forward to finding out who my partner will be. xoxo

  9. I'm here via Mama Bear, and I'd love to participate!

  10. I would love to sign up! This sounds like so much fun.

    Melanie Ganson

  11. BOOK SWAP NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!