Saturday, October 10

A Nice Saturday

Brandon came over today about 1pm. He was going to cut the lawn but it was much too wet after two days of constant rain. He played a couple of games of Mario Base*ball with Grandpa and then we headed out to do a bit of shopping. Jordan couldn't come because he was off school yesterday with a high fever. I explained that Grandpa couldn't afford to get sick and that he needed to get better so he wouldn't miss Thanksgiving dinner at Great-Grandma's. He was really disappointed but then I told him that I would come and get him one morning early and we would go out to Tim Horton's for breakfast. He was okay with that.

There is a new game the boys have been wanting and Jordan sent his money with Brandon. We went out and picked up the games and then stopped to get some meat on the way home. A little place not far from me has the best meat in town. When we got there, Brandon couldn't believe his eyes. He said he's never seen meat in a glass counter before. I explained that you can pick out what you want and that there is a great choice than in the grocery store.

On the way into the store, we stopped to look at some kale and mums. Brandon is doing great in his horticulture tests. So far he's had five tests and he's received 100% on four of them. He won't get the 5th mark until next week. He's really into the horticulture and wishes he could take it all semester. I do believe he has that option next year.

We talked about a lot of things today; drugs, smoking, drinking and he seems to have his head on straight about all of these things. I asked him about peer pressure but he doesn't bow down to that. Brandon is his own person and once he's made his mind up, no one can change his mind. He has a very logical way of looking at life, which is just one of the great things about being high functioning autistic. He doesn't want anything on or in his body that shouldn't be there. He's been that way since he was small. He wouldn't even wear a name tag on his shirt when he started kindergarten and will never have his hand stamped at any type of event.

So, all in all, it was a good day. After we got home with the groceries, we went out into the garden and he showed me how to take cuttings off the coleus. He's very proud of all that he's learned in his horticulture class.

Then it was home and Jordan was waiting a bit impatiently for his game. I am glad that Brandon and I could have this one-on-one time. It's been a while since we spent time together alone. I will make sure to pick Jordan up early so we can talk about some things when we go for breakfast. Having grandson is terrific.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We will be joining some of the family for Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's on Monday.

It is also Columbus Day in the US. Take care on the roads as they will be busy in both countries during this long weekend. Stay safe.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. That one on one time is so great as is your influence and importance in his life.

  2. Hello Mary,
    Sometimes it is nice to have the opportunity to do things separately with the children. More one on one. I enjoyed that with my own children when they were small.
    We had some severe storms here yesterday afternoon and the electricity stayed off for over an hour. Just when I had lit candles against the darkness in several rooms, it came back on.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.
    Mama Bear

  3. Hi Mary. I hope Jordan is feeling better very soon!

    It's good that you had some quality time with Brandon. I'm not wishing Emmy's childhood away, but I look forward to spending time with her as she grows up.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your Mom and family. You're so blessed to still have your Mom with you.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Brandon is such a good boy-I'm glad you got to spend some extra time with him. Hope your Thanksgiving is great-and the Jordan is feeling all better soon.

  5. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Mary. AND!!! happy birthday tomorrow!

    The time with Brandon sounds terrific. I've wished many-a-times I had one on one time with both my kids's been years!!!

    Again, celebrate all your blessings!!!

  6. PS....your images aren't showing...I think it's where I have them stored. With Image Cove...
    Do you have a photobucket account? I can move them over to the photobucket account for you and readjust the template for Halloween tomorrow while you're at your Mom's celebrating.

    Let me know. [if you have a photobucket account and the login info]

  7. What an awesome time with your grandkiddo...

    So glad you had this...and I enjoyed reading.

    Love, Jess

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