Tuesday, October 6

Counting our Blessings

We received a call from the pharmacy today. The expensive medication that hubby was put on when he left the hospital WILL be covered. That is terrific news because we couldn't afford to buy it and I'm not sure what we would have done.

Another reason to count our blessings is that hubby's vision wasn't affected by the stroke and he WILL be able to keep his driver's license.

There is so much stress and strife in the world and a silver lining is in every cloud. Though a mini stroke is a scary thing, it could have been so much worse. A half hour before the stroke, Brandon and Jordan were in the van with Grandpa, coming to do some yard work. If the stroke had taken place while he was driving, it could have spelled tragedy. I'm sure angels were watching over the three men in my life that day.

It isn't over yet. Hubby has been taking his medication, which is a bonus, but I have to keep reminding him. He has a doppler test on Friday, so would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Remember to always look for the good in life. It gives a much more positive attitude and helps us to bounce back from the things that make life difficult.


  1. Those are great positives! I'm so happy to hear that good news.

  2. Such great news! I'm so glad the medication is covered and Dwight gets to keep his driver's license.

    Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers as he has the doppler test.

    Love and hugs,


  3. Yes, he and you were very lucky. I'm very glad everything is working out so well.

  4. Yeaaahhhhhhhhh I'm so glad to hear that his meds will be covered. As you say, it would have been a struggle trying to pay for expensive meds!! It is indeed a blessing he had the stroke after he was home and not while driving. It doesn't even bear thinking about. Prayers continue for him. I hope you're feeling much better, Mary? xoxo

  5. That's awesome Mary, definitely helps!

  6. Lots of blessings there, for sure Mary. And you are so right when you say it is much better to find the positives in life -even if you have to mangle, twist and turn things a bit to see 'em, they are there if you take the time to look. You should sign up to do the "Only The Good Friday" thing over at Shelley Tucker's place -This Eclectic Life. You can find it on my blog if you're interested.

  7. That's great to read this today. Medications are so expensive. And it boils my blood to know that the drug companies KNOW the expense and still sometimes it has to be an 'out of the pocket' expense. I'm happy to hear it will be covered. Now...if he'll only continue to take it!!! Even when he's feeling better, he still has to keep being medicated!!!!

    You sound like me tho...always thinking of the 'what ifs'. As you say...a guardian was with your three menfolk that day in the van!!!

  8. It's good to see the glass as half full.

    May progress continue to be made.

    Don't fall off your tricycle.

  9. Happy for you that the medicine is covered. New medicine can be so expensive. That is one of the things we're looking at as we plan for retirement.

    Also, a blessing in disguise was the mini stroke. It allowed him to prevent a bigger one by taking medication for the problem.

    There is always some good if we only look for it.
    Bless you and Dwight, today,
    Mama Bear

  10. So happy that the meds are covered!! What a wonderful blessing! Hugs, Grams

  11. So glad the meds are going to be covered!!! That is such a HUGE blessing isn't it? Glad your Hubby is getting stronger every day too. Yes, I agree, it could have been so much worse. God is good, He was looking out for your guys!!! xoxoxox

  12. Dear Mary ~~ Sorry I don't get here often but there are not enough hours in my days.
    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday for next Monday 12th. I hadn't realized it was Canada's Thanksgiving day, so you have a double celebration. I am so glad your husband is doing well and glad the meds are covered. Everything is so expensive these days. I pray that he continues to get better and that you are both well.Again, Happy Birthday my friend.
    Love, Merle.

  13. I am glad things are working out OK. Medication cost are always the worrisome part of the health care in Canada.

    I enjoy the posting about you dog and the stick.
    You are right at how therapeutic animals can be.
    My Heidi fills my life with joy.

  14. So glad you've found a few silver linings-and especially that he can get the medicine he needs.