Sunday, December 12

Hubby and the Doe

Just an update on what's been going on here. On Wed night/Thursday morning, a deer ran into the right side of hubby's van. He didn't see it coming until it was right there and bam...she ran right into the front fender. The impact was enough that it knocked her down. Hubby got out of the van and she was lying on the ground. She got up, shook her head and bounded off into a field.

The next morning, we reported the accident to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP.) The right fender of the van was dented until the right passenger door would only open part way. The headlight was broken and the signal light was hanging by the wires. We took it to the body shop and they gave an estimate of $2793 to repair it.

Friday afternoon, hubby had to take the van to the OPP accident center so the officer could see the damage. At that time the officer told him that around noon on Friday, the doe staggered across the field where she had gone, crossed the road on weakened legs and collapsed in the ditch at the end of a farmer's driveway. He called the OPP and the officer had to put the doe down because it seemed she had internal injuries.

Hubby is fine and the van will be as well once it is repaired, which should only take a few days. It's kind of sad that the doe had to suffer until noon the following day and that the accident took her life.

There is a huge deer population in this area and these types of accidents are common.


  1. That is so sad to hear she didn't make it. Living in the mountains in Colorado that too was a thing that seemed so normal and everyday-life!! But still sad.

    That expense isn't bad considering the cost of everything these days.

    Glad to hear there was only physical damage to the vehicle and not could've been much worse!!

    Santa Centerpiece

  2. That kind of thing is quite common here too. I had 3 of these instance in 18 months and was getting a little jumpy for a while!
    Glad Dwight is ok!

  3. What a sad event. I hate to see anything suffer. That is why I believe, more managed hunts should be held to hold down the population of deer. They become over populated when they have no natural predators. Besides venison is better than beef as it does not have as much fat. Sorry to hear about the van but glad Dwight was not hurt. Peace

  4. That's a bit of a downer: at any time, but it seems a little worse right now, I guess.

  5. Mary Not good news about the van or the deer. It is scary how quickly the deer run out from the side of the road.

  6. Thank goodness Dwight wasn't hurt but ouch on the cost of the van repairs! E's brother hit a moose with his truck a couple of years ago and his truck was pretty much totalled. It's a shame that the doe wasn't killed instantly and that she had to suffer for a while but there's not much anyone could do until she was found.

    I've just come in from running errands and oh boy, that wind sure is frigid. We've just had a 2 day snowstorm and the wind is causing a lot of drifting snow. Glad I'm inside where's it's nice and warm now:-) xoxo

  7. I know he felt bad that she died but that is the way it is...Did you mean you would be reimbursed for the damage?...Hope all is well with you.
    Mama Bear

  8. That is scary. Poor thing, I hate for anyone or anything to suffer. I'm glad the hubby is ok and the van can be fixed but wow, that's a large bill at this time of year!

    Please check your email Mary, I've sent you some questions about the swap. take care ;j

  9. That is a sad story all the way around. We run the same risk every day with deer crossing the roads in huge numbers. We try to watch carefully but I am truly amazed that this hasn't happened to us yet. Glad hubby was okay.

  10. I am so thankful that Dwight wasn't hurt, and hope insurance is covering the full cost of repairs. Sad about the beautiful doe, though.

  11. That is sad about the doe, but thank God your husband wasn't injured.

    We have loads of deer/car accidents here as well. They can come out of nowhere, can't they?