Tuesday, September 25

My Grandsons

This is a photo of myself and my grandsons. The oldest, and taller than me is Brandon, aged 12. The younger one is Jordan. The boys and I have a terrific time together doing all types of things. We mini golf, bicycle, swim, go to the library, toboggan and ice skate in winter. We also go the the farm twice a week.
Tuesday is my day to go with Brandon. It was hot today - about 100 degrees Fahrenheit - a record breaker. The last recorded temperature anywhere near it was in 1957. Anyway, we went to the farm and the breeze was beautiful. Brandon had an awesome time with another young boy on the trampoline. It seems that there's so much to do there and only an hour a week to do it in. So, different weeks the boys do different things.
The boys and I have a lot of fun together. We keep busy and one day, after I'm gone, I hope they remember the happy times we spent together.


  1. Mary,

    Love the photo of you and the boys!

    I guess you will be a "farm loving girl," all your life, having grown up on a farm. It's so nice that you get to visit a farm with the boys often.

    Have a great day!


  2. Mary,

    It's good that you have started your own blog - I'm sure that you will enjoy it. You have some fine looking grandchildren. I will be sure to come back and visit often.

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Renie,

    You inspired me to post the photo of myself and the boys. They've grown a lot since you last seen photos of them.

    Yes, once a farm girl, always a farm girl at heart. I enjoy the farm as much as the boys and enjoy taking them. There's always something new happening there.

    Thanks for visiting. I always enjoy your comments and look forward to your visits.


    Glad you dropped by. I do enjoy posting what's happening in my life, though I live a simple one. You are welcome anytime and I look forward to getting to know you better.

  4. Mary,
    Thanks for your prayers and your comments on my blog.
    Your grandsons are a great blessing and they look like they are pleasant boys. They will surely remember all the fun times on the farm and with you.

  5. Nice looking grandsons! The taller one reminds me of my youngest grandson. He is 15 and has his driving permit. He has promised me a ride when he gets his driver's license. Three of my grandchildren are engaged. Two are getting married next year in March and May. The other just got her ring and says it will probably be a year before she gets married. So all my grandchildren will soon be all grown.

    I think your boys will remember all the fun things you do with them. You are a good grandmother!!

  6. The boys will remember all the quality you spend with them. Boys love the attention. With a little luck they will learn some of the female virtues and grow to be kind and sensitive men, respectful of women.

  7. Mary,

    What a wonderful photo! The boys have grown and are as handsome as always. Brandon towers over his grandma! Zach towers over me now, too. Isn't it a strange feeling to be looking up at our grandsons? Fun, but strange. :-)


  8. Pebbles,

    The boys and I are very close. I've taught them some things that my grandmother taught me. One is to be respectful of all people and I hope they remember that lesson. They are good boys and I expect them to grow into good men. Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy your visits.


  9. Tina,

    Yes, it seems odd to look up at the grandson that only yesterday (or it seems like yesterday) you were changing his diapers, teaching him new words and coaching him to take a few more steps. Brandon is delighted he is taller than me. He's the same height as his Mom and only has an inch or so to go to beat Dad. He keeps saying he's going to be the tallest in the family and right now, it looks like he's right.

    Take care and thanks for your comments. It's always a pleasure.