Thursday, October 4

Herding Goats

As soon as Jordan and I arrived at the farm today, he headed for the tramponline. He loves bouncing and doing all kinds of tricks on it. It's good exercise and he is careful. Next we decided to go and see the new horse. He is a belgium and about sixteen hands high. They've named him King Arthur and the name surely fits him. I took a photo of him in his stall. Thought he is very large, he is a gentle giant. We are careful around him as we don't know him well yet.

While I was taking the photo of King Arthur, Jordan decided to go back to the trampoline. He missed the fun. I happen to look out the door of the barn and there were the goats scooting under the gate and heading down the lane. We managed to get them in and we just turned around and there they were heading out of their pen again. Seems a farm hand had made a feeding trough by sectioning off a piece of the pen and nailing a few wooden slats to it to keep the goats from escaping. He installed the slats 9 inches apart. He thought this would give them enough room to get their heads through to eat the hay. However, he didn't take into consideration that some of the goats are very tiny and that even William the Ram could get through those slots.

I told him I thought he should put another slat between those but he insisted 6 inches was perfect. I'll wait and see what happens because the smaller goats (some of them are still babies) will be able to get through those as well.

Sad news at the farm again today. Queenie, one of the horses that the boys got to know last spring has died. She wasn't staying at the farm at the present time, but she was a lovely horse and we'll all miss her.

Along with the sad news came good news. Three of the goats are pregnant and will give birth around late February or March. I looked the gestation time for a goat up on Google and it says 5 months. Something nice to look forward to over the winter.

When I finally was finished helping herd the goats back where they belonged for the third time, it was time to round up Jordan and head for home. He was still enjoying his time on the trampoline. The day was beautiful and a good time was had by all. I had never herded goats before, but as the saying goes, there's a first time for everything.


  1. Love your pictures.

    Animals can be very therapeutic. i love being around them. I have had them all at one time or another. Gently horses, affectionate goats, cuddly rabbits among others have left me with fond memories.

    One goat I had, Bernadette, I referred to as my guard goat. She slept on the front porch. My slightly odd sense of humour had me name her after the unfaithful wife of Agammemnon. (I obviously have had too much education!)

    It is always very sad when they die. I have had to put down two horses. My son's pony lived to be quite old but came to be so frail he had trouble getting up. Even more tragic was my beautiful registered quarter horse, which went down and couldn't get up because of a heart condition. They are fondly remember.

    I am glad your boys have some far experience.

  2. Pebbles,

    It's good for kids to have some farm experience. This is the first year they have attended the farm and it's done Brandon, the oldest, who is on the autistic spectrum a lot of good. He's accomplished many firsts this year and he's thrilled.

    I'm sorry to hear you had to put two of your horses down. I have had my share of putting animals down as well. It's a very hard thing to do.

    Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy your visits.


  3. Hi Mary,

    Enjoyed reading about another visit to the farm. Jordan looks happy on that trampoline. The pictures are all great, and the herding goats experience did net some good exercise, didn't it? Haha.

    A delightful read. Have a lovely Sunday, Mary.


  4. Renie,

    Yes, I sure did get some exercise helping to herd those goats. It was fun though and I sincerely enjoyed it.

    Jordan and Brandon both love the trampoline. I will try to remember my camera on Tuesday so I can get some photos of Brandon at the farm.

    Just want you to know that I sincerely enjoyed today's entry at your blog.


  5. Wow....that sounds like fun AND work at the same time! Ya, there is a first time for everything, and that musta been a wonderful experience.

    Glad you dropped by for a visit. And I thank you for the wonderful comment!

    Oh.......and the trip to the zoo looks like a lot of fun too....I LOVE TIGERS!!!!!

  6. Anni,

    So glad to see you here.

    I have never herded goats before, but have herded plenty of cattle. Our neighbor had sheep when I was a girl, so have also herded them, but goats were certainly a new experience.

    Glad you enjoyed the pics of Tuffy the little tiger. She was a darling.

    Hope to see you here again.


  7. You will have to change the name of your blog to "Heidi's" writing nook if you do any more goat herding.

  8. willow,

    There is a danger in that. I certainly can have empathy for Peter the goat herder. Those animals are certainly stubborn.

  9. Mary,

    King Arthur is very beautiful!

    I love goats too, but not having any experience with them, I watch them from afar...:)

    Nanny goats have always seemed tame and gentle, but I'm scared of Billy's. On my way home from school, I use to walk pass a house where the owner had about 5 billy's in a penned fence (large field). Maybe it's just that the goats didn't like strangers and/or were frightened of me, but everytime I'd pass by the field, a few of the billies would run up to the fence with their heads down and butt the fence! Now that I'm older, I know that goats are territorial just like most other animals and they were protecting their nannies and babies. Still.........

  10. Deborah,

    King Arthur is a Belgium and about 17 hands high, which is a very large horse. He is new at the farm, but so far seems to be a gentle giant. We have to get to know him better before anyone rides him.

    Tommy is a neutered billy goat. He thinks he's a person. He was bottled fed when he was a baby and still likes people. However, Timmy, his half brother is a full fledged billy and you have to keep your eye on him. William, the ram, is nasty and he would butt you in the behind faster than you could blink and eye.

    Most of the younger goats follow the boys around. Tomorrow is Brandon's day to go to the farm and I'll try to get a photo of Pueblo. He was born in April 2007 and the boys held him in the laps when he was a baby. If they sit on the rock pile in the goat pen he still tries to get into their laps. He's a darling.

    Your experience with goats as a child would certainly make you leary of goats.

    Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to see you.


  11. Mary,

    When I try to think way back to when I was a kid, I can well understand that the choice between seeing the animals and playing on a trampoline is a very difficult one! LOL

    I love the photos you take. This farm is such a wonderful place. I think you are right about the baby goats ability to get through that fence!!

    I enjoyed this trip to the farm.


  12. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  13. Tina,

    Yes, the baby goats were still able to get through the fence, as were some of the other small, female goats. They had to put a gate in the end of the manager to keep them from getting out that way.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos and yes, choosing between animals and a trampoline is a very difficult choice to make for a boy.:-)


  14. Denise,

    I will be posting more pictures of the boys and the farm. I hope you enjoy them.

    I am truly blessed by your visits today. Thank you so much.


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