Friday, August 1

Show and Tell Friday

It's time for Show and Tell Friday. If you would like to participate, drop over to Kelli's at There's No Place Like Home.

As many of you know, I have been working outside when I can to get the garden weeded, mulched and the porch area cleaned up. Along with the renovations, this is at the top of my to-do list. I can't work in the garden like I used to, but I've been making progress.
On Wednesday, I worked outside for a while just to take a break from household chores. I left the renovations up to hubby and the neighbor's son who has been giving us a hand. I tidied up the living room and then took this little boy garden ornament out, cleaned it up and gave it a coat of sealer. I always seal my garden ornaments. They last much longer that way. However, instead of placing him in the garden, I decided he looked nice on the glass-topped table on the porch. Then I took the snake plant that I thinned out early this spring and placed it beside him. I thought the effect was rather nice. So for now, this is where he'll stay.

I purchased this little guy at an auction a couple of years ago. He reminded me of the boys and their love of gardening. I love cute whimsical ornaments for the outdoors.

Take care and enjoy the weekend. Remember to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the little things in life. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've not seen an alaskan malamute at where I live. Not that they can live in a hot tropical country like mine though. But Meeko is such a handsome dog! Perhaps the eyes remind me of a Siberian husky.

    I love the little boy figurine next to your snake plant! I can see your love of gardening. I do too although I don't really have green thumbs. But I'm getting there...after killing so many plants in my time LOL!

  2. I like that figurine - he's just one of those things that induces positive feelings. He does look nice next to your plant.

  3. Hello dear Mary:-)

    I'm trying to get some visiting done before I head for bed since we'll be leaving around 8 tomorrow morning. I love your figurine and it's a good idea to put sealer on all outdoor ornaments like that. I should do that to all my faerie statues that are in my faerie garden. I agree, the figurine and the plant side by side on the table looks great!!

    I so enjoyed chatting with you on the phone...we never seem to run out of things to say, do we! lol

    Have a great weekend and I'll see you when I get back:-) xoxo

  4. He is so cute!
    I so wish I had a green thumb!

    I was behind so was just catching up a bit on your last couple posts...your poor Meeko! He is absolutely beautiful, and I hope his condition improves under the vet's care.
    (formerly of Family Doin's)

  5. Your little boy is so cute. And thanks for the tip about the sealer. I hadn't thought of that. What kind of sealer do you use?

  6. Very, very cute little guy. My grands have gotten excited about watering flowers this summer - it's the first time my daughter has had a chance to plant any.

  7. He's so cute! It all looks great together!

  8. Cute garden statue ~ I have a couple of watering cans that I keep on my deck for use and for decoration. My little Noah has started dragging them around with him when he's out there playing, so your little statue reminds me of him.

  9. What a cute statue, thanks for sharing!
    Love, Ann

  10. Very cute garden boy! I like garden decorations also! Thanks for sharing.

  11. What dear figurine...such things add pleasure to garden decor. My Show and Tell last friday shared the critters on my deck.

  12. Yes....this is a perfect place for him. I think I'll name 'bout Bo...? No? Well, Bo looks perfect there on the glass table top. And yes, I can see why they'd remind you of your boys.

    Happy Friday dear lady. Hope to see some more of your yard when time allows.

  13. Mind if I make a suggestion? If you move that little guy to the right of the plant, it will give the appearance that he is watering it. Just an idea! I'm glad you took a break. Good for you!

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  15. I love the little guy! And thanks for the tip about sealing the oranaments.

  16. That's a good idea and they look cute together on the table. If you put him on the other side of the plant, it will look like he's watering it. (smile)
    Have a good weekend.

  17. Good Morning Mary,

    What a cute little boy you have, boys seem to be a rare find when it comes to garden statues. Thanks for sharing today!

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  18. The figurine is cute, but I also like the little gnomes in the plant next to him. Fun!

  19. Once my boys were big helpers-your fellow brought back memories-and smiles! Congrats on the renovating!

  20. First...I can't wait to see how the renovations are coming along. Ya'll will be so proud of it you might just not want anyone moving in. ;)
    And I love the little guy with the plant...can't wait to be able to bring all of my plants home.
    We made the trip with a rosemary bush and one indoor plant that Mom gave me on Mothers Day.
    Gotta have my herbs for cooking.

  21. Hi sweetie
    just dropping by to see what's new

  22. Your figurine is adorable! You sure have a green thumb!

    We went over to the Kansas City Cancer Center this morning and Nancy had lab work and a visit with the Dr. She said Nancy's blood count was 11.2 up from 4. somthing when she went into the hospital. Praise God she is feeling a lot better!
    Love and Hugs Grams

  23. That makes for a nice little vignette.

  24. Mary
    Your thankful list is always inspiring. I love the new name. Arn't boys so much fun? The little boy figure and it's meaning brings smiles to our faces. Peace

  25. Love it!! Glad you took a break to be outside:) Have a great weekend:)

  26. Good morning, Mary.
    I haven't been on the computer too much. I completly forgot about yesterday's show & tell until last night.
    We're up way early this morning, Honey Bear is going to try and work on the siding before it gets much much hotter. Besides, we couldn't sleep, too much thinking going on. Too bad we can't turn off our minds like we do our computers but I suppose we should be thankful for that.
    I like you little garden boy. I hope he doesn't get broken on that glass top table. Congratulations on your new nephew!
    Mama Bear

  27. love your outdoor ornaments..
    your porch looks very cozy and comfortable...

  28. What a cute little guy ornament! I love things like that myself. I used to do ceramics but, because of my cats, I have now passed most of my things down to my daughter. Her cats have never bothered any of her things like mine have. But your little guy there looks adorable with the plant!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  29. Mary,

    I think the little boy figurine and the snake plant look just perfect on the table! You have the best garden ornaments!