Tuesday, September 2

Harvest Time

Harvest time if one of my favorite times of the year. It is the time when all of the fresh produce is being sold at roadside stands. I enjoy sweet corn and though it can be purchased from the grocery store all year 'round, we only eat it when it is in season.

This afternoon I had a craving for sweet corn, so hubby and I took a drive to a farmer's roadside stand not far from here. It is about a ten minute drive. We bought sweet corn, cucumbers, green peppers, beefsteak tomatoes and a basket of freshly dug potatoes.

Here is a plate of fresh veggies that I cut up for us to enjoy. If you have never tasted a beefsteak tomato, you've never had a really delicious one. These are the kind of tomatoes that my parents and grandparents grew when I was a kid. This year the boys and I planted 3 plants but the tomatoes on them aren't quite ripe yet. I'm looking forward to the day when we can pick one to eat. In the meantime, hubby and I enjoyed these.

Hubby grilled pork chops on the BBQ. He always puts BBQ sauce on them and lets it cook into them well.
The sweet corn was perfect. Here is what I cooked. Two cobs each and we ate every last kernel. The entire meal was delicious. We didn't bother with potatoes. The veggies, corn and pork chops were great and we have pork chops left over to warm up for tomorrow night's supper.

The photo below is of Brandon and Jordan making the Lego Bionicles that Pea gave them when we met last week. They loved them and want me to thank Pea on my blog. I told them I would. So Pea, Brandon and Jordan thank you for the gifts of one of their favorite Lego projects. They have collected Bionicles for years and didn't have any of the latest ones. They had a lot of fun building them.


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  2. Fresh corn around here has been history since the first of July..Our first tomatoes have done their thing and the seconds are still green and growing..I keep forgetting that you are in Canada.. Blogging is wonderful.. it makes me remember that we're not all in the same time zone, or season..

    I'm sure the boys loved their gifts from Pea..They are really concentrating in the picture.

  3. We have planted beefsteak tomatoes and they are so good!
    PS - I have the same dishes as you do!

  4. Are you kidding me?? We had the exact same dinner today, but I added cottage cheese. Pork chops or pork steaks on the grill are the BEST!! I never tried it with BQ sauce though.See great minds do think a like yes?

  5. I love fresh corn on the cob too. It's best right when it's picked, but I always freeze some in the shucks, then shuck it under cold running water, straight out of the freezer. It's the next best thing to fresh.

    We went to eat lunch with my sisters and Jessica's family, then to her house for supper. When we got home a little while ago one of our neighbors had left us a big sack of fresh garden green beans. I'll be stringing and snapping them to cook and/or freeze and we'll really enjoy them.

    I always miss the fresh produce when the gardens start petering out and Winter comes on.

    We had grilled chicken the other night. I'm thinking we may have something grilled tomorrow night too. Grilling season will be drawing to a close all too soon, along with the last of the fresh garden stuff.

    I wouldn't know a bionicle if it bit me, but I enlarged the pic and can tell they're some kind of buildable robot or some such. Glad the boys liked their gifts from Pea.

    Y'all have a great rest of your week, Mary. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  6. Oh my, your fresh corn and veggies look soooooooooooooo good...... YUM! We have a farmers market here on Wednesday and Saturday..... I am really going to try and get to them this fall...... things here busy as usual but seem to be slowing down some...... I hate the idea of the summer slowing down because of the pool but I do look forward to the fall season...... I will get an email off to you this weekand get you caught up and also find out about Aunt May.......


  7. We've enjoyed corn this year, though the price has been ridiculous. And our tomatoes in our yard have been unusually abundant and large this year. What a blessing!

    And western slope peaches - I am sorry they're almost finished for this year. I was saying today that I will miss all the fresh fruits and vegetables when we have to go back to apples, oranges, and bananas.

  8. The corn looks absolutely delicious.
    I don't do tomatoes of any kind.......but I might try a pepper!

  9. Your veggie plate looks yummy! Nothing beats homegrown, huh? I haven't had corn on the cob in so long, it's time I bought some.

  10. Your fresh veggies sure do look inviting. I haven't fixed any fresh corn this year. JD loves it, but it shoots my blood sugar levels out of site. I am going to have to work on my will power and fix some for JD and just stay out of them.

    It looks to me like a picture of two boys completely wrapped up in building.

    Have a great week.

  11. G'day Mary. I've just now caught up with all your posts since your giveaway....

    I especially like this entry. You know me and your grandsons. I so like when you write about them. The Lego gift from Pea is super. And I can see by the photo that the boys love it.

    Going to the Farmer's Market is always a treat. I remember my Dad's huge acre garden and all the good stuff coming out of there. The cucumbers, the corn, the strawberries, the peas, the green beans, beets, potatoes, onions etc. etc. etc. And his array of tomatoes. I remember my favorite tomatoes were his Big Girl species. Nothing can beat the homegrown taste. He also had grapes [concord] and Cherry, peach, apple and walnut trees! Oh boy, you have my mouth watering now.

    We have a few roadside 'markets' of fresh produce here too, but they're quite a distance from our house ---I must get out there soon.

    I think I caught up with all your posts now...and I do hope you have one super Tuesday my friend!!!!

  12. How cool!! Fresh vegies. When I was young we had a garden and I would can so many many things but have not done that in years now!! I still love those great things fresh from the garden!! Yummy!!

  13. Hello dear Mary,

    Please tell the boys that they are more than welcome:-) I hope to meet them next time!! I love kids, what can I say. lol

    Now that's my kind of meal...any fresh veggies and pork chops with tons of bbq sauce on them...yummmmm! Our peas, string beans, potatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis are ready to eat now in our garden so I've been picking some for meals every day in the last week or so. Can't wait for the tomatoes to be ripe!! I should go to one of the roadside stands and see if I can find corn on the cob to go with tonight's dinner...you've made me hungry for some! lol xoxo

  14. Oh we having corn on cob dinner to night.
    Plus watercress soup and open face chicken sandwich.
    Milk or juice to drink.

    I love to fresh harvest and I do eat my veggies.

    The coffee is always on.

  15. After reading your post-I'm starving!

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  17. Oh wow!That looks so good! Now I want some fresh corn on the cob!! In fact every thing in the pictures looks so good!!

    That was so nice of Pea to give the boys the Lego's. They sure look like the are enjoying them!!

    Love and hugs, Grams

  18. I wish I could have come over and shared some of these yummy looking veggies!

  19. Wow Mary
    The food looks soooooo good. The boys look like they were truly enjoying legos. Our tomatoes are about to the end and we will have to go pick up some at Howells Produce Market. He grows hundreds of tomatoes and sells them. Peace

  20. Hi Miss Mary, looks like your garden is growing just fine. My heritage tomatoes are ripening, as are the cherry tomatoes. The others are covered with maters, but all green. I cooked Hubby ribs over the weekend so he was a happy puppy. Best to you

  21. Yum! Farm fresh produce always tastes delicious :) We don't see the white with yellow corn too much. It's usually one or the other. Looks delish!

  22. Several years ago while visiting my son in Maryland, we bought fresh corn and had it two days in a row. It was Silver Queen, my favorite, and the kind we used to plant. It was so good. I haven't bought any recently. I like corn on the cob but am afraid to eat it very often. My two front teeth became loose when I had a partial before the implants and I don't want to risk them.
    Mama Bear