Tuesday, October 28

A Bit of This and That

There's not much happening in my corner of the world lately. I'm busy trying to meet writing deadlines and once again this month I have made it. Whew! That is a load off my mind for sure. The last week of every month is stressful when it comes to the deadline crunch. I'm always relieved when I make it.

Aunt May isn't doing very well. Mom stopped for a visit today and Aunt May told her that she was so sick on Sunday that she didn't think she would make it until Monday. That is unusual for Aunt May. She says very little about the pain or how she is feeling. She has always been frail and has learned to accept what comes. She is an inspiration! Please keep her in your prayers.

I haven't seen the boys this week, so there's no news there except Jordan called me in a panic this morning because he had forgotten to take his money for ice skating and the form that had to be handed in. Skating is on Wednesday and he needed the necessary items fast. Mom wasn't answering the phone. Could I try and get her. I said I would try and I did get her and she rushed to the school with the money and filled out a form. Jordan needs to realize that he is responsible for getting these forms turned in. He tends to procrastinate and it gets him into some real predicaments. He is a boy who is always learning the hard way. LOL

I took some photos of the renovated apartment tonight and will try to post them in the next day or two. You won't believe the difference and we are so glad all the work is done except for a bit of cleaning up. It's been a long haul since June 1st when we started this project, but the difference is unbelieveable.

I'm wondering if I will wake up to a white world in the morning. There's a Nor' Easter blowing in and the six 0' clock news said we would get about 4 inches of snow overnight. I just talked to Mom and she told me that the forecast has changed and the snow is going all around us, especially to the north. I hope that we don't get snow this early. I'm not ready for it yet but there is a nasty wind blowing so who knows?

Take care and if you are in the area where the Nor' easter is blowing, stay warm and be careful on the slick roads. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. It is cold and windy here and there has been some sleet but I hear it's supposed to warm a little. Hope it doesn't get nasty by you!
    I curious about your deadlines. What do you write?
    I can't wait to see the pictures of the apartment!

  2. Praying for you my friend, and dear aunt May. I love you.

  3. I hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you, Mary. It will be below freezing here tonight for only the second time this season. We had a hard frost last night and it's set to be even colder tonight, but no ice or snow yet. It will be here soon enough though.

    Regarding your question by email about Emmy: IBS is a possibility as it runs in our family, but there are many other possibilities as well, some of them very scary, especially for a 17-month old.

    Thank you so much for your prayers for Emmy, and my prayers continue for your Aunt May.

    Looking forward to the pics of the remodeled apartment.

    Take care and keep warm.



    PS: Card will go out tomorrow.

  4. How cold does it get there where you are? We don't get snow here in the winter it's not cold enough but I wish we did.

  5. Hi Mary,
    I'm glad you got your articles done on time and with a few days to spare...enjoy them...if you are not snowed in!
    I see you have a procrastinator in the house. I married one and also gave birth to one. They never seem to change no matter the consequences ;)
    Well,..good luck with the weather we are not expecting anything quite that dandy. ;)

  6. Brrr! It's cold here but at least we don't have any threats of blizzards. I don't do well with snow storms. I hope you manage to stay warm today my friend.

  7. It is a white world here this morning Mary. Last year our first snowfall was Nov 25th. Take care!

  8. Just the WORD Nor'easter make me chilled to the bone. I don't like snowy winters any more. Well, if you share some snowy photos, then, I do like them...only 'cause I'm not near it other than through the monitor. LOL

    I can't wait for the photos...you've been teasing us for weeks...we need the photos...like, yesterday. [kidding!]

    Speaking of weather, I had to go get a sweater, it's cold here this morning again, too. But at least the sun will come up shortly and warm up.

    Have a terrific Wednesday. Hope you're feeling better.

  9. Mary
    Glad you made the deadlines. Doesn't it feel good to mark a task off your list? Not to procrastinate is a hard one to learn for boys of any age. LOL
    That reminds me of a time Puppy had to have a lion costume for a play and I was told the day before the play. Needless to say I went to the locate costume store and rented one. He was the best dressed lion there. He left the stage swinging the long lion tail. Glad you have finished the apartment and that you will have someone to move in Nov. Good timing. Peace

  10. I heard there was a storm blowing your way. Hope your safe, sound and snuggley tucked away!
    Things have been so busy around here that I hadn't had a chance to thank you for the sweet birthday card you sent. I love the farm scene you put on the front Mary! The card is on my hutch in my dining room right now so that I see it every time I walk through. Thank you!!

  11. How wonderful of you to drop by my blog Mary, I am honored indeed.
    You have a wonderful voice that I fully intend to spend much more time on, latter today.
    I did want to quickly read your intro and a post or two, and thank you for your kind warm words.
    I hope to get to know you more



  12. Mary,

    Sorry for your Aunt May....

    About Jordan,
    Nothing I can say there for I'm the queen of procrastination. It gets me in trouble too - like forgetting things. Sometimes I think that I'd forget my tail-end if I didn't already have it. lol

    Looking at myself, I have to wonder if Procrastinators ever out grow the habit. I think it's our nature.


  13. Wow! Snow! Good night! Kelly and I were talking to some one this monrning and they said it really bad up in the North!

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt May. I will be praying for all of you. Hugs, Grams

  14. Its cool here but would love the snow. Just tell that wind to blow itself down south. LOL

  15. I have no ideal when snow will come I'm between to mountain ranges and no snow on the peck yet.
    It usual spits a little snow on Halloween.

    Coffee is on.

  16. I’m sorry you’re Aunt May isn’t doing well. I’ll continue to pray for all of you.
    Hugs and blessings,