Saturday, April 11

His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado

Recently, Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me the book His Name is Jesus, by Max Lucado to read and review.

When the book arrived, it was beautifully packaged in its own sturdy slipcover...a perfect gift for those who enjoy reading about the life of Jesus.
His Name is Jesus follows the footsteps of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection and beyond. Stunning illustrations allow you to see the glory of God's handiwork as you take the journey of His life.

Evident throughout the entire book is Max Lucado's powerful style of writing that has touched hearts the world over. He shows us the cold, drafty stable where Jesus was born and allows us a glimpse into the lives of Mary and Joseph. You will smell the fragrance of newly worked wood as Jesus goes about his daily life as a carpenter. You'll meet the woman who touched the hem of His garment, the leper who was healed and Lazarus, as he's raised from the dead.
You'll dine with Jesus and His disciples at the Last Supper, and spend time with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. You'll feel His agony as He prays just before Judas brings the soldiers to take Him captive. You'll feel His exhaustion and excruciating pain as he bears the Cross, is nailed to it and gives up His life to save the sinners of the world.

Experience joy when Mary leads John and Peter to the Tomb and then realizes He has risen. You'll see His face and feel His presence as you read of the legacy He has left each of us.

This book is a poignant and heart touching look at the life of one man who changed the history of the world. It was especially touching to read during the week prior to Easter.

If you are interested in purchasing this beautifully written and illustrated book, it can be bought Here.

Happy Easter to all my friends and readers. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I'm sure I would love this book. I really like his writing!

  2. I think I have read most of Max Lucado's books and including the ones he wrote for children. His writing style is very enjoyable. I will have to check this book out.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book... Happy Easter!

  4. I have read most of his books and when there is a new one I make sure and read it...... I have not read this one so need to go out and find it........ He is a wonderful author that puts life to his words....... You were blessed!

  5. I love Max Lucado's writing and woujld love to hear him speak sometime.

    Have a blessed resurrection celebration!

  6. Max Lucado is such a good writer and I'm sure this one is wonderful. Definately putting it on my list!

  7. I enjoy his writing and he definitely has a unique talent. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Happy Easter Mary!

  8. Hey girl thanks for stopping by to welcome me is good to be back. :)
    I pray you have a wonderful day with your family and that you thoroughly enjoy this day that the Lord has made!
    You know I have never read anything by Max although I have enjoyed seeing him on t.v a couple of time...he is a great story teller.
    Glad you enjoyed his book...the review was great!

  9. You've done a terrific job critiquing the book, Mary.

  10. Sound like a great book.
    Hoppy Easter.

  11. Happy Easter, Mary. Thanks for the review.

  12. I just love the Max Lucado books, each of them is a gift.
    Blessings to you on this Easter day my sweet friend.

  13. Hi Mary, I saw your comment over at sweet Denise's regarding her precious friend Jane. Your comment blessed me and I had to pop over here to meet you. I read your profile and see that you "write". I look forward to reading more...

    God bless you.

  14. Good Evening Mary,
    I enjoy reading Max Lucado books as well. I do have a few of his books myself. They are old ones and I've had them for about 5 years now. This book sounds like it will be good as well. "THANK YOU" for letting us know about it. I hope you had a great Easter my friend and hope that Michelle is doing much better now. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  15. I hope that you had a great Easter and that you have a wonderful week

    I enjoyed your post above...and its great history...and a wonderful way to remember and honor.

    Lots of love to you

  16. i will soon read this book, i voe this book