Thursday, April 2


Today was a beautiful day here in southern Ontario. The sun shone all day with very little wind.

Tonight, the sky was golden, blue and pink. It was a nice ending to a lovely spring day.

The colors deepened as the sun sank lower in the west. Dakota and I enjoyed spending time outside because it's to rain all day on Friday and the weekend is to be cooler.

This afternoon we took Dakota to the vets for his distemper booster and his rabies shot. The vet says he is in great health. He weighs 23.6 lbs now...a far cry from the 5 lb. puppy that we brought home in February.

Michelle is having surgery tomorrow to repair her hernia. It will be an out-patient procedure. I will be picking the boys up from school. If you have time, drop by her blog and leave her a bit of cheer.

Enjoy the weekend. I'm not sure what is in the works yet. It will depend on how Michelle's surgery goes and how she is doing. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Looks like a lovely day...and my goodness Dakota is getting big!

    Praying for Michelles surgery.

    have a great night and a great weekend ahead.

    Love, Jess

  2. Dakota must be eating well! What a good report.

    And what a lovely day. We also had a nice one. Tomorrow is supposed to be, too, but then snow again tomorrow night and Saturday. Yuck!

    Best wishes to Michelle.

  3. Such a beautiful day, love the pictures. I will be praying for Michele.

  4. Gosh lovely photos, praying for your daughter here.

  5. Hope all goes fine and dandy for Michelle with the hernia repair. I have a hernia too but since it is involved with the stoma from my colostomy, repair of that would require major surgery so my doctor recommended NOT doing anything unless it is absolutely imperative. I like his idea there!

  6. So many beautiful colors in your sunset!!!! I can feel the comfort and the warmth of such a painting. Wow.

    Hope Michelle has a successful surgery and enjoy the boys' company.

  7. I'm encouraged that your daughter still wants her mother with her. It gives me hope for when my little lady grows up and leaves the nest. :)

  8. I missed the lovely sunset, and now it is pouring rain. Oh well, we do need April showers. I just hope the weather clears for the Elmira Syrup Festival tomorrow. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.

  9. It was a nice day here as well. We went for our second bike ride. But it was windy until late afternoon.

  10. Good Morning Mary,
    The pictures of the Sunset are just breathtaking. "THANK YOU" FOR SHARING IT WITH US.. I believe Sunsets are alot more beautiful sometimes than seeing the sunrise. I will keep Michelle in my thoughts and prayes for her surgery tomrrow. My weekend is going to be busy watching the girls play softball. Take care my friend and have a great weekend. May GOD Bless you and yours,
    KAREN H.

  11. Sounds like a lovely day. Dakota is growing fast. He is alreay too big for you to pick up.

    Hopw the plumbing woes are better?

    Blessings to Michelle.

    Mama Bear

  12. Great photos in this and previous post. Thanks for helping to educate us on Autism. Wishing Michelle a quick recovery. Peace

  13. Thanks for the info and wishing Michelle a quick recovery.

    Coffee is on.

  14. I love being outside and watching the sunset. We've had rain and wind the past two days.

  15. Beautiful photos! Hope Michelle's surgery was a huge success.