Wednesday, August 19

Trumpet Vine Blooms

We planted trumpet vine in the spring and this is what it looked like a while back. This morning hubby came in and said we've got a flower. Huh! We have lots of flowers. Then he told me the trumpet vine, which we thought might die because of all the rain, was blooming.
I took the camera and went out into the yard and this is what I saw. Beautiful yellow flowers.

A closer look. I love these bright yellow blooms and they bring a lot of colour to the yard.

And this one is about ready to bloom. I didn't realize that they bloomed from a pod-shaped tube. Can you see the yellow at the tip? That is where the blooms come from.

I'm so glad that I saw Hootin' Anni's trumpet vine. It inspired me to plant one of my own. I certainly hope it will winter well. It is on the west side of the house and may need some protection from the harsh winds that blow across the park. If anyone knows more about how to get this beautiful plant to winter, please let me know.

Thanks, Anni, for introducing me to these beautiful flowers and also for my new look on my blog. It's cheery and cute. Perfect!


  1. Beautiful flower and I LOVE your new header. Very fun!

  2. oh how lovely! Jasmine is my favourite. Does your plant need to be trained up against a pole or trellis?

  3. We have one just like it Mary! Exactly...same color and all....[there are white, pink/salmon color, yellow and purple down here]. Beware tho, they grow TALL!! Ours was about 5 1/2 feet just last week...I cut it down to the'll come back next year and be over 5 feet again.

    Our neighbor has one like ours and it's a TREE!!!

  4. I like your new header!

    And the flowers are cute.

    Hope all is well
    Love, Jess

  5. Mary
    neat flower. Our cable company updated its internet and I was unable to get on until today. Looks like Jordan had a wonderful birthday. Love the hat but I would since I am the hat lady. Peace

  6. They are indeed beautiful flowers, Mary:-) I found this on the net for you, maybe it will help....

    They attract hummingbirds, wasps and bees that are good for the garden plus birds in the winter if you leave the pods on the vines. It can be used as a screen for privacy, and it adapts to almost any soil, except heavy and wet. It transplants easily and can be grown from cuttings and is hardy down to about -30F (-34.4C). It can be grown in elevations as high as 5500 feet and it's drought tolerant.

    The problem is that in IDEAL situations it can be invasive to the point of creating enemies out of the most mild mannered home owner. What is ideal? Full sun, fertile soil, mild winters and freedom to roam.

    -Do not plant it up against a house or building, though it is tempting. Try planting it against a fence that is between sidewalks, driveways or other areas like stone walls or paths that would contain it.

    -Try a method that is often used for mint. Plant your vine in a 5 gallon bucket with the bottom removed--or something similar, that will keep it somewhat contained.

    -Plant next to a telephone pole or light pole where it can climb and you can mow the grass around it regularly to head off shoots.

    -Deadhead the trumpet vine, AND keep it trimmed back in the spring and fall once it starts taking off.

    -Wear gloves when handling trumpet vine. Some people will get a rash from handling the foliage, so it's better to err on the cautious side.

    -Some modern cultivars are suppose to be less invasive than the trumpet vine found in the ditches and growing wild.

    -Do not use a tree as a pole for the trumpet vine to climb. Eventually it will strangle the tree. Use an actual pole or fence instead and again, prune in spring or fall, or even during mild winters.

    LOVE your new header:-) xoxo

  7. Love your new header! I thought I was the only one who said things are "Cute as a Button" lol!! But it sure is!!
    Your vine is pretty! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Grams

  8. I was going to tell you about the invasive part but see Pea has done that already. We had this in several places at the old house. It had to constantly be trimmed to keep it from smothering everything around it. I think if you have it in an open area on a short trellis and keep it pruned regular it should be fine.
    Mama Bear

  9. that is so pretty, I love yellow. I never knew all that info that PEA supplied you with, tho, so you better hope it doesn't grow too good.

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