Wednesday, September 2

Fishing Fun

Last Thursday hubby and I headed out early to take the boys fishing at a secluded spot near a flour mill. I was surprised that the mill is still working. We got there and helped the boys get their lines in the pond.

Here is hubby helping Jordan who has snagged the bottom.
The area across the road. The mill is behind all of the trees and shrubs. Golden rod was blooming proficiently in the area. The sumachs are beginning to turn red. Fall is in the air.

Brandon and Jordan sitting in the lawn chairs, relaxing and watching their bobbers.

The pond is very picturesque. Chickory and wild carrot (Queen Anne's Lace) were all in bloom.

Across the pond men were doing repairs on a pontoon plane. They never did get it going while we were there. I was hoping we would get to see it take off.

The water flows under the bridge and into the mill race. I find the sound of running water very soothing. This is where I chose to drown my worm.

Jordan caught the first fish. It isn't very big but size isn't what's the fun of catching the fish.
Brandon has a bite. He's out of the chair in an instant and trying to set the hook. It was the one that got away.

Jordan caught more than he bargained for. His line and bobber are in the tree. I was able to get it down with all line, tackle and even the worm in place.
Ah, sweet success. Though not big, it was the largest fish of the day...a rock bass. Nothing like catching a fish to make a boy smile.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on our fishing trip. We stayed out until almost noon. We needed sweaters early in the morning but it soon warmed up. The boys enjoyed being out in the fresh air and doing a bit of fishing.


  1. Mary, that fishing spot is absolutely perfect. I remember fishing with my Dad as a youngun and catching Rock Bass as well.

    God bless.

  2. What a lovely spot to sit and do some fishing! I bet the boys enjoyed the day as much as you did!

  3. You brought back old pleasures, when I was in my teens, we just used a stick and hook and earth worm or bread, and we caught fish. Some times we went into the creek with a basket and scooped the fish. Small but Yummy.

    Where were you in the picture?

  4. You sure are making lots of memories! I bet the boys had big happy grins all night in their dreams

  5. Mary!! Awesome photos of a great outing with the boys. [Oh how I remember the days my dad used to take us kids fishing and how disgusted he'd get when we tangled our lines in the trees and bushes. ---I got so bored with the whole spiel that I'd wonder off and throw rocks in the lakes and rivers...making him angry 'cause I was scaring the fish away.] Love the smiles on the boy's faces.

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  7. What a beautiful spot! You are blessed with beautiful spots.

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    I got it to work for me...
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    That's most important.

    I saved a backup from the previous settings and layout just in case.

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  9. Fishing is fun. I haven't been for quite a while. My middle son likes to fish, I think he took that after my mom, she'd rather fish than anything.

  10. Ah a bad day of fishing is better than any great day at work. Nice to see the boys enjoying the outdoors. These boys are lucky to have such caring grandparents.
    Makes me want to go and sit with a fishing pole in hand. Peace

  11. Hi Mary! You are such a good Grandma taking the boys fishing! It looks like you all had a nice time!
    I have been reading and not blogging!!! :) Hugs Grams

  12. That picture of Brandon when he caught the fish is precious!! Look at the smile on his face:-) I also love the picture of the two boys sitting in their chairs fishing, such a peaceful scene. I'm so glad that even though it wasn't much of a summer weatherwise, that you got to do lots with the boys. I use to love going fishing with my dad when I was younger but haven't gone in years. My line and hook would probably end up in the tree like Jordan's! lol xoxo