Friday, September 18

The Seasons are Changing

Early this morning the temperature was 6 C, which is approximately 42 F. Yes, autumn has arrived. Trees are changing colour and some are even losing leaves. Mom told me last night she is surprised we haven't had a frost yet. So it's time to get the yard ready for the autumn season. Last Sunday when hubby and I went to the War of 1812 reenactment, we stopped at a farm produce stall on the way home. We bought tomatoes (ours are done for the year) and sweet corn. They had mum plants on sale for $2.00 each. I chose a yellow one and hubby chose the lavender one. They look nice on the porch railing and bring colour into the yard.

I also brought my houseplants in from outside. The ivy in the basket is the one that Brandon planted in the spring and the spider plant on the left is one that he gave me for my birthday last year. There isn't much light in our living room and I often have trouble keeping plants alive. However, the entertainment unit has a light in the mirrored shelf, so I sent hubby to buy bulbs for it and we've put the plants there. They will get articifical light all day. I'm hoping that they will live until spring when I can once again get them outdoors.

So, we have been changing things around a little. I'm looking forward to all the sights, sounds and fragrances of the season. Today we watched the squirrels fighting in the large maple at the end of the driveway; the blue jays have been screaming their raucous calls all day long and the Canada geese are flying overhead, honking and reminding us that summer is past.

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  1. Nice new look for Fall!
    The weather is changing here too. It's gotten really cool at night and the weather people say next week it will really change.
    I'm anxious to see who wins your giveaway!

  2. Mary - I'm sorry you haven't received the words yet. I sent them to your e-mail twice, but maybe it's not working. Anyway - here's what I e-mailed to you:
    Mary - I'm glad you are doing this, because as I wrote my post I thought of you. This seems perfect for you!
    Here are your five - hope they are good ones for you.


  3. We still have 80's during the day. The leaves are turning... my plants will stay outside a while longer..

  4. Yes, fall is in the air. It has been so nice here lately, but they say rain is coming next week.

  5. I really hate to see the summer go...... seems that I was just too busy and did not get to do anything that I had planned. I had a stack of books by the door going outside with plans to be read by the pool on hot summer days.......... Yeah right.... Never touched a one...maybe this winter will be different....... one can hope.....

  6. Mary - it wasn't an inconvenience. I just felt bad that you were waiting for them and they didn't come! I'm anxious to see what you do with them!

  7. We feel a bit of the weather changing also. Instead of being 85 in the morning at 6, it's 80.

  8. All the colors of the mums are very pretty!! I like the contrasting colors...they go well. And look so nice.

    And your ivy!!! the basket you've planted it in. [Our house sits on an angle against the sun's path, so it gets no direct sun...and houseplants don't thrive. I would love to have an ivy...I just bought a small one and will try and see if it survives in the house...I know it won't but I keep trying.]

    Terrific post!

    [we just saw a squirrel in the pecan tree in front....we KNOW it's Autumn when the squirrels show up! LOL]

  9. Wow, that's pretty chilly! It's still around 80 degrees here. Your flowers are pretty, I love mums.

  10. Our mums are going great guns - I am amazed that some of them survived the patio process - I saw them being stepped on by one big guy when they were jack-hammering that morning. Tough plants!