Friday, November 13

Kitchen Renovations

Hubby and I wanted to do a few renovations to the kitchen last year about this time, but with Aunt May so sick and knowing her time was short, we put it off. The kitchen hasn't had anything done to it for ten years. It sure needs it. I am posting a few photos of what the kitchen looks like now and later, I will post photos of what it looks like after the renovations. I may even post some photos of the renovations in progress.
When Dakota was about three months old, he actually ate a hole in the kitchen floor. Beside the hole, which is just by the leg of the kitchen chair, is a spot where the pattern is completely worn off the floor. I'm not sure why, but it went that way about a year after it was put down. Maybe a defect? I'm not sure but we were not really happy with the results. This floor is only about five years old and should have lasted, (minus the defect and a puppy) for at least ten to fifteen years.

This is the north window in the kitchen. Mom made the curtains when we moved in here 18 years ago. They have been washed dozens of times and are beginning to fade. At that time we painted the kitchen hunter green and white. We did change the wallpaper and repaint about ten years ago. It is badly in need of a lot of work.
The cupboards never would hold the paint around the cupboard doors. I think someone had painted oil based paint over latex and then had gone back to latex. When the cupboards are wiped down, the paint comes off. This time we're going to buy the new paint by Behr that is primer and paint all in one. We will give the entire kitchen a couple of good coats.
Hubby spent most of his day painting the metal dividers between the dropped ceiling tile. We always do this before we take the old tile down because it doesn't matter if you get paint on the old tile. These tile have been painted once since we came here 18 years ago, but have never been replaced. We have gas heat and they have yellowed over the years. Today we went and bought new tile. Brandon and Jordan are coming tomorrow and we're going to take all of these tiles down and put up the spiffy new white ones. That alone is going to make the kitchen look so much better.

As you can see, we're doing the kitchen in red and white. I've wanted to change it for a long time. Hopefully, with my arthritic knees and hubby's bad hips, we can perservere and get it all done before Christmas. Time will tell. Wish us luck.


  1. It is going to be brilliant! I love the red and white! Yes..that new primer/paint is supposedly great however is it good for alkyd? I think there is a special primer to go from alkyd(oil base) to latex. Maybe that's what the paint you are talking about does but my understanding was that it was still only for going from latex to latex. Ask at the hardware store.

    Is that floor parquet? That really shouldn't have happened. Other than that the floor is nice!

    One more thing..Hootin' Annie's work is fantastic..this is my favourite so far!

    Can't wait for the afters!


  2. I look forward to the finished look.

  3. I'm so excited for you! The ceiling will make a big difference and I love the red and white color scheme. Like Breeze though, I'm concerned about what kind of paint you put over the oil finish. A friend put latex over oil and it crackled.
    Good luck - can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. I look forward to following this venture!

  5. Good luck with the renovations. We need a new kitchen floor but I think we will wait until after the holidays unless I can find a "GREAT DEAL" before hand. I read the wonderful news about Brandon. that is so nice he is into school now. It really makes it so much easier to learn. I will put JoAnn into my prayers. Peace and I pray yawl will pace yourselves with this project.

  6. Like your tiles, I sometimes have gas and have tended to yellow over the years. :)

  7. I can't wait to see your progress! I love doing home improvement projects. Just makes you feel good. I really like those curtains your Mom made. Too bad they're faded, and after only 18 years ~ LOL!
    Have a wonderful day. I'll pray for your friend JoAnn~

  8. I was admiring the curtains too.. I loved your old look... but will enjoy the new one also... I don't envy you the work and the mess of redoing....I will enjoy seeing how it turns out...have fun!!

  9. oooo have a good time!

    I'm almost to wanting to redo my kitchen! It's the only room I haven't painted. It still looks like the previous owners had it....and we've been here 7 years now!!

  10. Oh cool....I'm glad I went into my Google reader this morning so I didn't miss this update on your renovations. I can't wait to see it all during the progress and when it's finished!!

  11. How cool to see where you "live".
    I remember the work you did on the apartment...this will be fun to see the change and all your hard work.

  12. Gotta love our furry little friends and their endeavors to enjoy their day by gnawing on our house!

    Best of luck to you, sounds like you know what you want and I wish you the absolute best. I'm sure you'll enjoy sitting in your newly renovated kitchen!