Wednesday, January 13

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Part Two

On Wednesday morning of our trip, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in order to see all we had missed on our previous visit. This was the one place that Jordan really wanted to spend some time.
After going through security, the first thing we saw was a giant dinosaur.
And this beautiful elephant.

The Christmas tree in this museum. There were trees in every museum that we went to.

Jordan loved this T-Rex. He has a desire to be a palentologist...a dinosaur scientist.

A Triceratops, another of his favourites.

He spent a lot of time examining this exhibit.

Another T-Rex.

The boys in front of a dinosaur skull. It was huge.

A beautiful diorama.

Prehistoric sea creatures.

And another...

Skeleton of a giant sea turtle.

More sea creatures.

After that we moved to another section of the museum and saw this giant termite hill. It was huge.

Another diorama.

As we moved into the mammal section, we looked up and saw this tiger about to pounce. The boys loved it.

A silverback gorilla.

Beautiful male lion.

A giraffe, drinking. This was awesome.

A hippo.

The biggest porcupine I've ever seen. When my grandparents moved 2 hours north of here when I was 12, porcupines were often spotted in the pine tree in front of the farmhouse. None so big as this one though.

Beautiful display of a doe and her fawn. I think this was my favourite.
Next to the US Horticultural Building, this was Brandon's favourite museum. Of course, it was Jordan's favourite. After this we had a bit of time left, so decided to go back to the American History Museum. I will post photos from that visit tomorrow if blogger will cooperate.


  1. What a fun place to visit. I love the giraffe!

  2. Boys and Dinosars go hand in hand. I have never known one who did not like them. As for the last photo, I have seen that same scene for real and I think they did a great job capturing the moment. Peace

  3. Excellent!!
    I have a picture of my father from long ago where he's standing right next to the large mammoth!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing once again. I love the giraffe drinking especially and am reminded that I've not been to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History in a very long time but they have marvelous exhibits too. I used to take kids on field trips there.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Have the boys seen the two Night at the Museum movies (1 & 2) yet? It takes place in that very museum and everything comes to life at night, very cute and funny. Shawn was very much into dinosaurs when he was younger and we had brought him to the ROM in Toronto when he was about 6 years old and he was in his glory in the dinosaur part:-) Loved seeing your pictures and it's no doubt the boys loved it. Yikes on that tiger though! lol It really does look like he's jumping out!!! xoxo