Friday, March 26

This Was NOT a Good Day

This week started out bad, then turned great and then plummeted. I haven't had such a bad day in many years. It all started last night when I realized that Mom isn't doing so well memory wise. She admits that she shouldn't be living by herself anymore. This is devastating for me, as Mom has always been so independent. I think she will continue to be, but she is afraid of the economy and I think she gets lonely. I wish she would have admitted this to me a long time ago, but she continues to say she doesn't want to be a burden. She can still drive and be very independent, but since she lived through the Great Depression as a teen, she has always been afraid that she will not have enough. She hoards and she scrimps and has done so all of her life.

This afternoon, I had a run in with a government official. This woman treated me badly and I let her know it. This incident escalated until I had to phone her boss and report her, which I dislike doing. Enough said about that.

I had just finished getting that all cleared up when my brother phoned to see if I knew where Mom was. I explained she was out of town visiting Melissa, the niece with the two little boys. He then proceeded to tell me that his youngest son had been in a bad car accident last night. A car t-boned him on the passenger side. Cars being what they are today, the passenger door moved into the car, right up against Josh. He has the imprint of the inside of the passenger door handle in his head.

Apparently it took a long time for them to extract him from the car (news said about 2 hour) with the Jaws of Life and rush him to the nearest hospital. Thank goodness it is a good one. He has bruised lungs, broken bones and a head injury. He has not regained consciousness since the accident. He did respond to my brother today by moving his arm when his name was called.

I explained to my brother that possibly it was a blessing that Josh is unconscious because when he does come to, he will be in a horrific amount of pain. Sometimes our bodies seem to know that they need to be asleep or in a state where pain can't be felt. My brother said he'd never thought of it that way. (There is always a silver lining in every cloud.)

The police told my brother that if the car had hit on the driver's side, it would have killed Josh instantly. We must count our blessings that he is alive. He is young...only about 22 and he loves life. I feel he has a very good chance of making it.

If you are a praying person, please keep Josh in your prayers. My brother is a nervous wreck and he has a heart condition, so please pray for him as well. I will keep you updated on his progress.

Update on my friend, JoAnn:

As my regular readers know, my friend, Jo Ann, was diagnosed last November with cancer of the jaw. She had surgery which left her face disfigured. Nothing can be done to correct that. She has had one chemo treatment and has another 5 weeks of radiation daily, Monday to Friday. Her face is red with radiation burn and she has a sore throat continuously. She only has to have one more chemo treatment. They are saying the operation was successful and that all of the cancer is gone. The chemo and radiation were ordered by the doctor only because he always orders these procedures for this type of cancer. It is rare and an aggressive type. Please continue your prayers for JoAnn.


  1. I can relate this has been a bad week for me as well.

  2. sending prayers for all of you. Love and hugs..jj

  3. Oh my, Mary! You certainly did have a really bad day and I will most definitely keep your nephew in my thoughts and prayers as well as your friend too.
    I'm going to have to have surgery sometime in the fairly near future apparently -have no idea as to when yet (or where either -at our local hospital or if I will have to go back to Pittsburgh -not happy with that idea at all.) But anyway, I do have to have an hysterectomy -or so they tell me -and my doctor here also would like me to have the hernia corrected at the same time too but I'm having difficulty getting the surgeon in Pittsburgh to find out what his recommendations would be. Just a mess, any way you cut it, ya know!
    Hope things improve for you and that they stabilize for your Mother too.

  4. It doesn't just rain, but buckets. I was reading a book forgot the title, the main character wrote about her mum losing her memory.

    Will remember Josh. Some drivers are idiots.

    You take care.

  5. Sorry you have had such a rough week sweetie. Praying for all of your requests, I love you.

  6. Bless your heart, you have had a bad day! I'll pray for your nephew, brother, Mom and for you and your family. Sometimes life can be so overwhelming. Hope all turns out for the best, Mary.

    Love and hugs,


  7. It really piled up on you. The weekend has to be better.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, prayers and thoughts for you all are coming from me!!!

  9. Oh Mary, I'm sorry you had such a rough end to your week. I'll be praying for your Nephew and JoAnn. Also for you and your Mom as you plan for the future.

  10. Rough week indeed! As for your mom, it is rough when we're the bologna in a sandwich - taking care of both the older and younger generations!

    I am so sorry to hear of your nephew's condition. I'm dealing with a friend's son who was burned severely in an accident - much sadness. But God is faithful.

  11. Oh Mary, not a good day at all, was it! I know how worrying it is when you know your mother's memory is not good anymore, I've been noticing my mom is getting so forgetful, she'll repeat herself 2 or 3 times in a matter of a few minutes. Dementia is in her family so I'm really keeping an eye on her.

    Please know that your nephew is in my prayers. As you say, sometimes it's a good thing for an accident victim to be unconscious for a few days so that the body can start healing. Many times they'll actually put a person in a coma just for that reason.

    Such great news to hear that Jo Ann was told that she no longer had cancer but my heart goes out to her at what she still has to deal with due to the treatments.

    Hopefully your weekend is going much better my friend. xoxo

  12. Mary, I hope next week and beyond will be better for you. Prayers for your mom, nephew, friends, and you!

  13. bad week here too.

    I do hope that your nephew recovers well.

  14. You've had a few challenges lately. Are you managing alright?

  15. Praying for you Mary and all your requests also.
    Hang in there,

  16. Mary....... OMG girl........ I am so sorry for all that is going on in your life....... I am so sorry that I have not been here earlier.... I will pray for your sweet Mom as I so understand the heartache there........ and I will pray for Josh right now and cover him with the blood of Christ....... Praying for your friend Joann and I pray that the Father God will give her GREAT Peace ...... and then pray pray for you my friend as you care such loads on your shoulders........ God is able to move into those lives and change them in an instant! I pray that he will comfort your brother and cover Josh with HIS healing balm

    Blessings to you girl and again I am so sorry that I am just now hearing about this........

  17. oh no poor Josh and Joanne! Having been in 3 car accidents myself I know how sore and bruised you can be after being rammed by another car. Praying for them both.