Tuesday, May 11


Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Seems each day is busier than the last. Dwight is run ragged trying to get everything done.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and was thoroughly disgusted when I left there. They did take my blood pressure but didn't listen to my heart, take my pulse or even look at the leg that was infected. It is still open and I'm a bit concerned. Guess I will have to wait for the nurse to take a look on Thurs. Then Dwight had to run to get bandages that the nurse had ordered and pay a couple of bills. Jordan had stayed overnight last night and was up with a stomach ache so he didn't go to school. What a day!

Mom is doing okay but they still haven't given her the test that they had planned for Monday. Not sure what is going on there and since my leg is still open I still can't go to the hospital, which annoys me. I would like to know exactly what is going on. Seems they're just keeping her there and giving her pain meds...not doing anything to find out what is causing the pain. Grrr! The doctor told her today, "We aren't going to be able to cure you." Now what is that supposed to mean? I told Mom to put them on the spot and get some answers. They seem to be hedging. If they don't tell her something tomorrow, I will be phoning and delving into the matter further. At least they are letting her get out of bed now and she walked to the end of the hall with the nurse yesterday. She didn't say anything about walking today.

I haven't had much of an update on Josh. Last I heard he was eating more and itching to get out of the hospital. He actually fed himself at the end of last week and seems to be coming along. He has a speech therapist and apparently is talking a bit more. He is now in the brain rehabilitation part of the hospital.

That's about it. Not a lot of news. I'm holding my own and doing a bit more each day.


  1. Good news on Josh, but your appt and your Mom's update is frustrating. I can't believe they didn't check that leg.
    Glad you are doing a little better every day though. :)

  2. Glad everything seems to be getting better with you and your family. Take it easy and don't overdue it.

  3. Sorry for the dissappointing doctor visit. Please take care, love you bunches.

  4. I have so missed you and so sorry that I have not been around much...... I am so sorry about your Mom ....... I so understand what is going on..... I took Mom to ER on Saturday morning and the DR did not even treat her!!!!!!!!!!! Long story..... It is good news about Josh and I am thrilled.......

    Mary please forgive me for not being there much for you and I know you will be I so feel that I have let you down some....... things here are dire and not sure how much longer Dad will be able to stand. He is losing the ability to stand and when that happens we will need to move him to a VA home.... It breaks my heart...........

    Please take care and know that even thought I have not been around much you ARE in my prayers...

  5. That is an amazing story about going to the doctor and them not checking what needs to be checked. Yikes! I am glad the nurse will be coming around at least!

  6. I don't like hearing THAT!! Why on EARTH aren't they checking blood pressure, your incisions, your heart rate?...etc. etc. etc.?!!!! You should be getting an EKG at the doctor's appointments? This is insane.

    Mary, I have visited you...I commented in your Mother's Day post. And I did email you last week but got no response. Now, I'm thinking, once again, you're not receiving my emails in your inbox?!!!

    Keep taking care of your open wound. Tell Dwight he's doing a marvelous job taking care of you and all the errands. Y'all continue to be in my thoughts.

  7. My goodness, I think you have every right to be a little grumpy with the medical profession right now.

  8. Seems like a lot has happen since I have been trying to dry out. I sure hope yawl get better soon. Peace and Prayers

  9. I can understand your frustration. Wasn't there something about doctors and oaths? Was I just imagining that?

  10. Hi again Mary...
    Hope you're doing well, and see this new comment to you from today. LOLOL

    In regards to you asking for a photo posted of the two circular flower beds....I'd have to say, all you'd see is two very small red stones things sitting in the two sections of yard...there is a LOT of space between the two...it'd have to be panoramic almost. Maybe after the bougainvillea grow a bit after a year or two, then something may 'develop'. HA!!!

  11. Hope things have gotten better for you since your last post a few days ago. You're still in my thoughts on a daily basis.


  12. sorry you're both getting such lousy medical care. arrghh!!

    glad Josh is doing better. take care of yourself.

  13. Worried about that leg of yours. Doctor visits can often times be so frustrating and it sounds like it's happening with your Mom too. Praying that you get some answers and that Josh recovers soon as well.

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