Monday, June 28

I Can't Believe It

I can't believe that three weeks have gone by without me posting. Seems like time goes faster by the day. Not much happening in this neck of the woods.

The only exciting thing that happened was last Wednesday we had an earthquake. I would call it a tremor. The epicenter was on the Ontario/Quebec border north of Ottawa, which is a long way from here. We did feel it though and I would guess it lasted about 30 seconds.

Brandon was cutting the lawn and hubby was keeping an eye on him and doing a bit of trimming. Dakota suddenly began acting really weird, running from the computer room to the living room. I thought he was just trying to see where Brandon was. Then he jumped on the boys' bed, which is unusual in itself, and looked at the ceiling. About that time the house began to shake. Now keep in mind this is an old two-story victorian era house...built in or before 1856. (I saw the top of it in the newspaper when they showed one of the old factories down the street.) It swayed from side to side and I knew right away what it was. Unfortunately, I've experienced tremors before.

They say the earthquake was 5.0 on the Reichter Scale. Apparently no lives were lost and no damage was done. We were truly blessed. Tremors were felt from as far away as the New England States, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois...approximately 300 miles, so the new informed us.

Brandon came in the house when he was finished the lawn and said he thought he was having a heat stroke. He was dizzy for a few minutes while mowing the law. When I told him what it was, he couldn't believe it.

Other than that, not a lot of news. I did have my follow-up surgeon's appointment and he says I'm doing great. I don't have to see him again, but do have to see the cardiologist in July. I am still a little sore in the upper chest area, but that is normal.

Mom is home. She left the hospital after three weeks and went to my sister's for two. She came home last Saturday and is getting around good. She isn't completely back to normal yet but she's coming along nicely.

When I went to my follow-up surgeon's appointment, we stopped in to see Josh. I know he has come a long way, but he isn't the Josh I knew and doubt he will ever completely recover. I'm not sure he even recognized me. He seems to be very focused on one thing and that is talking to his Dad (my brother) to find out when he is coming to see him. Nothing else seems to matter to him. It's sad how a speeder can change the lives of others in the blink of an eye.

That's about all the news for now. Sorry it's taken me so long to post. So much is going on here. Hope all my friends and readers are enjoying their summer.

Etsy is going to be having a Christmas in July sale. That doesn't mean that all items on sale will be Christmas items, but rather, it's a good time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping.


  1. Glad to hear all is going well in your area and everyone is recovery quite well. The last quake we had was at night and the closet doors in our bedroom were shaking and I thought Mimi's cat had wondered in our room and was trying to get in the closet. That what happens when you are not fully awake during a earth shaking affair. Peace

  2. Mary - I'm glad to hear from you. I was going to send you a message tonight to see how you are doing, but here are my answers!
    Several people around here felt the earthquake too. I was traveling and missed it.

  3. I was mowing the lawn too, so although I was much closer, I didn't really feel it either. There was some minor damage near the epicenter. I posted my experience at the time and a picture of the little bridge that collapsed.

  4. I am thrilled to see you here...... I have tried to call but no answer.......Things are bad here and I am headed to the hospital to stay with Dad...... He is critical.......

    Love you Mary........ I will write when I can.

  5. Glad to know all is well, love you.

  6. It was such a wonderful surprise to wake up this morning and open my blog reader and see you had posted. And such a good post this was...updating us all on what has been happening with you...of course we keep in touch through emails, there is always something for me, new, to read in your posts!!!

    Bud and I will be stocking up today and getting things ready for the hurricane predicted to hit south of us...but we will have high surf, high winds and LOTS of's coming close!!!

    Glad you posted. Keep it up. You're missed in blogland.

  7. Welcome back! It's good to "see" you again. Did you know we're living in Canada now? :)

  8. I was thinking about you a lot lately and wondering how you were doing...We watched a movie called, 'Adam' about a young man with Asperger's.
    I had been out of the mood to post for about a I'm back at it again...I've only felt an earth quake once...Keep well!
    Mama Bear

  9. Hi Mary! Nice hearing from you.

  10. Hello dear Mary:-) I haven't been blogging or visiting half as much as I usually do, just been so many other things to do with Summer being here. Good to see you posting, though, and catching up on your news. Glad to hear that you're doing well and that your mom is now home. It is very sad about Josh and as you say, it's terrible how a person's life can be changed in a split second due to someone else's stupidity.

    Wasn't that tremor unbelievable? I was lying on my bed and my whole body was swaying along with the bed, the blinds, the headboard, etc. I knew right away it wasn't the miners blasting underground, this was much different.

    Call me when you're up to it or let me know when a good time would be for me to call you:-) xoxo

  11. Good to see you here again - and to hear that nothing major is going on! I heard about the earthquake from Pea - amazing!

    I am sorry to hear about Josh. Life isn't fair.

  12. Good to hear from you again. Glad everything is going okay for you and your family.

  13. Hi Mary- Glad to hear that you all are doing well. I'm so sorry about Josh. My class just celebrated our 25th reunion and we have a classmate who was in a bad car wreck when we were freshmen in high school. It was so good to see him and see that he is doing better than he was when we graduated. It's been a lot of years and it seems that more of his functunality has returned with the years, and probably a whole lot of therapy. Praying for you all.
    Scary about your earthquake. Glad no one was hurt! xoxox

  14. I've been wondering where you've been, haven't seen you on fb or cafeworld lately but good to know you're still around and ok.

  15. I think I slept through the earthquake although a couple of dished jumped off the kitchen counter. At the time I blamed the cats but maybe. . . .

    I too have not posted in a while. Sometimes life requires us to give it a rest.

    I hope you had a lovely Canada Day. How nice to have the Queen here with us. A friend who has connections with the horsey set was going to take me to the Queen' Plate at Woodbine Racetrack to see the Queen up close. Unfortunately, I am stranded here in Northern Ontario.

  16. I'm so happy for you that things are going well.
    I don't like earthquakes no matter how small they are. Thank the Lord noone was hurt.

  17. Glad you are doing so well and that you are safe...i too have been letting life pass me by!