Tuesday, July 6

Dakota Update

Dakota has always been a handful since we got him in January 2009 as a puppy. He was a rescued pup and was very aggressive even at 8 weeks old. When I came home from the hospital after my bypass surgery, I expected to have trouble with him from the moment I stepped in the door. That wasn't the case. He seemed to sense that I wasn't well and was very calm and well behaved for me.

As I get stronger, he is again challenging me. A month ago, I decided it was time he learned to obey. I felt more up to handling him than I had in the past and so the battle began. Surprisingly,
a few squirts from a water bottle when he misbehaved has calmed him considerably. Here are a few photos to show you his favorite past time, which is playing with a stick.
He finds any stick that he can and holds it in his mouth just to show off.
Then he chews on it for a little while. Not to destroy it but just to chew on something.

After than, he becomes a little more aggressive with it and chews it apart.

What are you doing, Mom? You know I don't usually look directly into the camera.

Well, okay, I'll let you get a couple of good shots of me since you don't really have any.

He has now learned to lay in the grass. We have a lot of white clover in our lawn and it is soft and cool when the yard is shaded in the morning. This is Dakota's favorite time to be out in the yard. He lays and chews on a stick or tosses stones about and I sit on the porch and listen to the birds singing or watch them squabble amongst themselves. There are lots of crows around here and the cardinals and blue jays often dive bomb them.

Last month, I watched the baby cardinals learn to fly. There are many creatures around this area and the baby squirrels tease Dakota and he teases them back. I've had many a good laugh in the yard. Isn't that what life is all about?


  1. You got some great shots of Dakota!

  2. Great photos,kind of reminds me of my shep mix cookie.It was fun when Sesame Street was on.

  3. He looks like the type of dog that I would call, "Sir."

  4. Enjoyed this update on Dakota. I like the pictures.

  5. Awwwwwwww, Mary he's become a very handsome guy!!

    My Wednesday post -Tall Sail Ships Arriving. Lots of photos! Hope you can come take the tour with me!

  6. Thanks for letting us see how much Dakota has grown...we have a lot of wildlife..yesterday we had two rabbits in the back garden...you should have seen Smokey racing from one window to the next trying to keep up with where they were.
    Mama Bear

  7. I'm glad you're enjoying your yard and Dakota is, too. It's good that he knew when to be calm with you!

  8. LOL Dakota is much like Maggie. She loves any stick. If you ask her "Where's your stick?" she goes in pursue of finding one even if it is bigger than her and then prances through the yard to show how proud she is of the stick. I am glad you have enjoyed your mornings with Dakota and watching the wild life. Sounds again how much we have in common. Peace be with you

  9. I'm glad he is doing better...he's getting big!

  10. Hi my friend just dropping by to see how you are...hugs...m..

  11. He's such a handsome lad. Full of charm as well.
    Baby Cardinals? How sweet. I've never had the pleasure of actually seeing a Cardinal. We don't have them on the west coast, but someday I'm going to head your way and catch a glimpse of them.