Saturday, October 9

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday and this is our Thanksgiving weekend. Today I will be having dinner with my family and we will be enjoying turkey with all the trimmings. Because Mom has been in hospital and not well, we're doing it a bit different this year. Mom still wanted to have it, so everyone is bringing food. In the past, she wanted to cook everything herself. That's just no possible this year so she is cooking the turkey (her choice) and we're all bringing the trimmings.

We all have much to be thankful for this year. My brother is thankful he still has his son with him, even though he is still recuperating from the brain injury he got in a car accident in March.

I am thankful for my health. After 4 years of feeling terrible, I'm feeling great. The heart surgery was a great success and I am so thankful for that.

We are all thankful that Mom's stroke didn't leave her paralzyed or unable to speak, though her speech is still slurred. At least she can still communicate with us.

We're thankful for food on the table, a roof over our heads and the company of each other on this Thanksgiving weekend. There are so many people in the world who don't have even the bare necessities of life. We have much to be thankful for.


  1. We do have much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the fact that you are feeling so much better. Enjoy Monday!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Mary! So much to be thankful for!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and I'll have your mom in my thoughts.

    Coffee is on.

  4. Good Morning Mary. "HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING" to you and your tomorrow. It will be Columbus Day here in the States. All the Banks, Post Offices, and Government and State Offices will be closed. I'm glad your Mother is still going to cook the Turkey for your Thanksgiving Dinner. At least she will still feel like she is doing something. My speech and my hubby's speech is still somewhat slurred at times as well. We still have a little over a month until our Thanksgiving here in the States. I have no idea yet what our plans will be for that day. I appreciate you keeping me and my family in your prayers. I know we sure need them. I hope you enjoy your time with your Family tomorrow and may GOD continue to BLESS each and everyone of you. Take care my friend.

    Love and hugs,
    Karen H.

  5. Hi Mary ~~ I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and it is wonderful that your
    Mother recovered enough to cook the turkey.
    I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday
    for tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely day.
    Many congratulations on your weight loss.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  6. You are soooooo right about each of us having much to be thankful for and not just on Thanksgiving but every day we get to spend on the planet!
    So glad to read the great things you are thankful for at this time, Mary! Hope things continue for a long time to come in such a positive way.

  7. You have come through a difficult year. You certainly do have much to be thankful for. I trust the coming year will be free of incidents that test you.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Happy birthday Mary....... Just wanted to stop by and say hello... and wish you the best day ever...... Take some time for yourself..... We women do not do that very often.......

    Love ya lots.......


  9. Hello Mary. I just wanted to drop by and sing to you. LOL. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"!!!! I also sang to you on your FB Page this morning also. Sure hope you have the most wonderful Birthday ever. Take care and my GOD continue to Bless you with many more Birthdays.

    Love you my friend,
    (((()))) XOXOXOXO
    Karen H.

  10. I will be back to catch up on your posts but right now I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party on my blog...get ready to do the jitterbug:-) xoxo