Saturday, January 8

A Fun Afternoon With the Grandsons

The grandsons came over today about 1pm and Brandon brought his Nin*tendo Monopoly with him. We gave him this for Christmas. He collects Monopoly games and this is about his fifth or sixth. He loves Monopoly and while I got them a bite of lunch, they sat up the board. We had a lot of laughs while playing but after 4 hours the boys whipped me. I was down on my luck and out on the street.

The boys continued to play for about another half hour. When Jordan had stacked up $10,000 Monopoly dollars, Brandon surrendered. It had been 4 hours since we started the game. Brandon said his butt was sore from sitting for so long. This is not an easy task for him. Like me, he isn't still for long.

So, Jordan won and had stacks of money. He was ecstatic. It was a fun afternoon. After we ate, Brandon said he couldn't keep his eyes open and asked to go home. So at 6:30 pm, I dropped them off. Next week maybe we will play Clue or Scrabble for a change. We try to make a game date about once a week.

In other news, my battle of the bulge continues. If you recall, this was my New Year's resolution last year. I did great and lost 26 lbs by April. Then I had the heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery. For months all I did was sit around because I couldn't do much. Well, I'm feeling great, doing more than I've done in years and the battle of the bulge continues. I have lost 2 lbs this week, which I'm more than happy with.

So fun with the boys and weight loss is on my list. What does your family do for fun and bonding? I would love to hear your New Year's resolution.


  1. What fun! We bought Monopoly for our Wii this year. Andy and Bob especially love to play on that. It's one of our family bonding things!

  2. What?! They still call it Monopoly and not Monotony? Seriously though: sounds like fun -- wonder what we'll be doing with ours when they reach that age.

  3. Good to hear you having time with the boys.... Seem like forever since we just talked..... I too am on the diet wagon and I am so tired of talking about it...... going to do it this time.. I am an emotional eater and this past fall has been so emotional for me..... I had lost 20 but have gained it back........ Dennis is helping me a lot now and for the next 60 days he is going to fix his own meals while I take time for me..... I have a birthday on March 7th and my goal is 20 lbs by then..... I am tired of it I need to get on with it...... Soooooo you go girl and lose it once in for all!


  4. Mary what fun you are having and a fantastic memory you are making with your grandsons .
    Way to go on the weight loss tough, road at the best of times.
    I too make the same resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. Weight is up and down but still try.
    Take care .

  5. Sounds like a fun time. WOW... 4 hours is a long time for anyone to

  6. Many a game of Monopoly was played when I was growing up and then again when my boys were younger:-) It is indeed a long lasting game and my butt would also be sore after 4 hours! Steve & I play it online on Pogo once in a while and have great laughs:-)

    Good for you for getting back on track with your diet. I've started watching how much I eat and trying not to eat at all in the evenings so hopefully it will help me lose a bit. I just can't follow a strict diet, I have no willpower whatsoever for that! lol

    I love hearing that you're feeling so good:-) xoxo

  7. Mary
    I love your memory making with the Grandsons. Good luck on the battle of the bulge. Sounds like you are on track. Peace

  8. I'm glad you had a fun afternoon. Congratulations on the 2 lb loss.

  9. woow thats a cool game iwill also buy it soon