Wednesday, January 19

What's Happening

Life has really been quite boring here lately. Nothing much happening and so, nothing much to blog about.

I've been making some new cards for my Etsy shop and this is one of them. Actually, this was my first try. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. As some of you know, I love vintage ephemera and am always looking for a new way to use it.

The starter went on hubby's van last fall and we had a used one put in because it was so much cheaper...well, that was his outlook on it anyway. Me, I'm not so thrilled about used car parts, especially starters. Well yesterday the starter went again. Since it's been 2 months since the last one was put in, it wasn't guaranteed. He had the garage put another used one in. Price tag $75 for the starter. At least the fellow didn't charge us any labor, which was good. He could have. A smart business man looking to keep his customers. It didn't take him long, but am glad he installed it free of charge.

The boys haven't been doing much. Last Saturday they came over, but we didn't get to play any games. They went and shoveled Mom's driveway and sidewalk for her. Then we took a camera back to Wal-mart for her and boy, that is the last time I'll shop in that store. Might try the one a little further away, but the attitude of their workers is something to be desired. Even the manager was rude. I've found this in that particular store before and don't shop there myself. Only went there for Mom. Never again.

That's about all the news from here. We had one snow storm last week that dropped about 4 inches on top of the two inches we already had, but nothing serious. All around us this winter there have been storms that left a huge amount of snow. It seems to go all around us but am expecting we will get dumped on later this month or the first couple weeks of February. We usually do. Right now it's cold here and the temperatures are to continue dropping for a few days.

Mom is down sick again. This time with a bad cold and lung infection. Seems she gets this every year at least once and oftimes twice...spring and fall. She is improving though since the dr gave her antibiotics.

Looking forward to visiting everyone soon.


  1. Sometimes "not much happening" is a good thing. :)

  2. Hi Mary, Nice to hear from you even if life has been boring. :)
    What a bummer about the starter. I really hate car troubles!

  3. Target is coming. That may be good news. Many Americans seem to really prefer it to WM.

  4. Hey girl.... sorry your Mom is sick again.. Seems that every one is sick ...... It was a blessing that you were not charged labor on that starter..I am like, if it breaks put something new in it and not used....... Life is coming at you hard girl...... Hold on to your faith....HE never fails..

  5. I haven't been posting recently either. Hope your Mom feels better soon.
    Mama Bear

  6. I was thinking of you this morning when I posted on my blog...I posted a photo of Kema [our Siberian Husky] which looked like your favorite profile photo you're using these days.

    Was just over at Pea's this morning, and saw all the snow she got...wondering if you too had lots and lots.

  7. Not much new in my world but I do love your card. Hope your Mom perks up soon.

  8. I always struggle to find things to blog about during the winter months since I don't do any traveling and not much goes on around I know what you mean! lol Love the card you made!! At least creating art is a good pastime:-)

    Oh dear, I do hope the antibiotics help your mom and that she feels better real soon. Mom had the flu just after Christmas and had to bring her to the clinic twice in a week. I'm so glad she's back to being healthy again!!

    Used car parts aren't always a good thing but when you can't afford to buy new, you don't have much choice. You really are lucky the guy didn't charge for labour this time!!

    The "high" today was -22c and supposed to get down to -31c tonight. That's what I call stupid cold! lol We have lots of snow now but still not as much as we usually have for this time of year. Stay warm my friend. xoxo

  9. Yes I know what you mean about not having lots to blog about in the winter. I am always afraid people will get sick of seeing all of my snow pictures and turkeys. Right now I have six beautiful deer out back eating birdseed so that is fun. I must try to get some pictures.

    I'm with you on used car parts. In the long run I don't think it's worth it but men sure like to buy them used. ;O)

    It is brutally cold here, still below zero and got down to -30* below for the past couple of nights. Lots of snow and more on the way. I'm looking forward to Florida next week for a few days but hope we can get out of here without another big storm.

    I gained some weight over Thanksgiving-Christmas and haven't gotten it off yet. After losing so much since last April I really feel stupid for gaining some back already but that seems to be the way of it. :o(

    I hope you Mom feels better really soon! xoxox