Wednesday, February 9

The Old Home Place

The winter months are long and it's almost a year since I've had anything to really blog about. First it was the heart surgery, then Mom's subsequent illnesses and stays in hospital and then...winter. I am like an old bear in winter. I like to hibernate and stay in the house where it's warm. But yesterday I had to go out and even though it was minus 25 Celcius with windchill, it was a lovely winter day if you were in the sun and out of the wind.

I was thinking this afternoon about something to share with all of my followers. I remembered taking some photos of the old home place in the summer of 2009. I've written many times about childhood memories and thought maybe you'd like to see the property where it all occurred.

This was my parent's home until about 2005, When I was young, it didn't look like this. Basically when Mom & Dad were married, he bought a three room shack that had been a hired hands house. Dad & Mom, with the help of us kids, dug the basement and added on to the house. This is what it looks like today. The pine tree and shrubs weren't there when I was young and this yard, that consisted of an entire acre, is where the three of us, my older brother, myself, and my younger sister, spent out time playing as kids.
This was my grandparent's home and it now belongs to my aunt. To the left is my parent's home. I would run across the field in between to Grandma's to help her cook, bake and anything else she wanted a hand with. I spent many happy hours in the kitchen of this home, which was through the double windows. Now, that is a sitting room and the kitchen is the window at the extreme left. The small window in the middle was Grandma's pantry and is now a bathroom.

And the barn, which is to the right of Grandma's house. It was in much better condition when I was young, of course. I heaved bales of hay into the top of this barn. The metal granary wasn't there back then. To the left, the roof you can see was the horse barn. The right hand side of the barn was the barnyard, where we let the cows out after they were milked by hand. There was a pond in that barnyard that was filled with ducks, geese, goslings, ducklings, frogs, tadpoles and a host of other creatures. Lightning bugs were everywhere. We spent many an evening racing through Grandma's yard, jars clutched tightly in our hand, in an attempt to catch these allusive insects.
That's just a glimpse into the place where I grew up. There are so many more memories that come to mind when I look at these pictures. I hope you enjoyed coming with me for a stroll down Memory Lane.


  1. I loved seeing those pictures! I grew up on a farm, out in the country and many of the things you mention sound familiar to me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My grandma lived right across the road from us. Their barn was on our side of the road. They had a cow and chickens that I remember. Granddaddy loved to hunt and had a few hunting dogs and they had a cat that lived in their house. I think my grandma was the best woman I ever knew!! Thanks for reminding me...

  3. I grew up a city girl with no extended family in my life so I just loved hearing of your sweet memories and seeing the beautiful pictures...this is like a fantasy life to me!

  4. I love that old barn! Just love it..... What beautiful memories we have of growing up.. It reminded me of living just across the "field" to grandma's house..... We had this big grape vine fence separating the two houses...... I was with her a lot...... I can still smell the aroma of fried chicken and lemon pies and fresh bread today. The simple life..... would be nice today.

    I always love reading about your day girl.. I have been so sick since 1/17 but feel that I am on the road to recovery......Our weather is going to finally warm up (it is -5 right now.) This is so unusual for Oklahoma...... BUT 79 on Wednesday next week.... I am going out in the dirt!
    You keep sharing and I will keep coming here to read....... I have about left FB..... I so miss the blog and the gals that we have met.. FB is a bit impersonal...... but anyway.. Have a warm day my friend...... I have to get around and go to a new Dr. this morning......YUCK!

  5. I have been taking a lot of trips down memory lane lately myself, and finding things to blog about on the way. Thanks for sharing these lovely memories and the pictures!

    I'm with Denise - FB has really done a number on blogging, and I miss those who have dropped out. FB is fun, but it is not the same as blogging at all - no depth of thought, and I miss reading the deeper thoughts of my blogging friends - or just plane fun of their thoughts.

  6. lovely photos and accompanying memories!

  7. Hi Mary! That was fun seeing your pictures! I grew up on a farm and it brought back so many memories of days gone by!
    Stay warm and stay well! love you Carolyn

  8. Mary,

    Nice photos. It's good that these homes are still around. My parents and grandparents homes are gone now, thanks to development.

  9. Sweet, sweet memories!!

    Loved the photo share Mary.