Friday, July 22

Business is Slow

Last year hubby and Brandon started a lawn mowing and yard cleaning business. Over the summer they made quite a bit of money, so this year they decided to try it again. Brandon is learning a lot by taking part in all aspects of the business. He helps give free estimates, helps do the work and the cleanup. He is also learning that things don't always go the way you'd like them too.

These photos are of Brandon earlier this year mowing our lawn. He does a great job and has come a long way since he started last year. At that time he'd never mowed a lawn.

This year hasn't been as good as last year. In the photos, you'll notice how green the lawn was earlier in the year. Now it is brown and almost burned out. There is a ban on watering because we haven't had more than a few drops of rain since mid June and water levels are low. He hasn't mowed our lawn in a month and if it's cooler next week he may have to do it.

Jobs are very scarce this year. Though we have regular customers, no one is having their yard mowed because the grass just isn't growing. In April and May, the guys were run off their feet with yard cleaning and grass mowing and it was difficult to fit it all in because there was so much rain.

Brandon is learning the ups and downs of a job where you depend on the weather. If it's too wet, they can't fit the jobs in. If it's too dry, there is nothing to do. A good lesson to teach him that in business you need to save your hard earned dollars for the hard times. In fact, it's a good life lesson.


  1. It's a good lesson for all of us!

  2. a great lesson to learn while he is so young...wish I had known then what took me so long to know now! Good to see you blogging, I hope you are feeling well and having a nice summer...take care.

  3. I probably should have mowed last weekend, but it doesn't seem much worse this weekend.

  4. This is good experience for him!! He'll be good at accomplishing his goals when he knows all the ins and outs of a business!!

    Ohhhhhhhh, it's so dry here too.

  5. ps....Mary, I just read your comment on Sunday's blog post.

    I did email your yahoo!!

  6. What a great learning experience for Brandon. He sure is a hard worker! I hope you get rain and soon.

  7. Maybe Brandon should go to Washington DC and help with the debt crises. He would do much better than our so called President. All he knows how to do is SPEND SPEND SPEND. Maybe the fall will be better with lots of leaves to take care of. Peace

  8. Good for Brandon. He is learning the value of a dollar early in life. Rather he is learning the devalue of a dollar. Yikes!