Saturday, February 4

Kobo Reader Versus Book

My previous post was a book review. I had read The Help on my Kobo Reader. The book was fantastic and over the weekend, I'm hoping to see the movie, either on "Demand" tv or a rental. Maybe On Demand, since it is $2 less than the rental. Seems to make more sense and I don't even have to go out of the house to get it.

But.. back on track here. My daughter, Michelle, and her family gave me the Kobo for Christmas. I love it for the simple fact that I can easily take my book wherever I'm going. It's compact and easily kept with you. Waiting time in doctor's offices and other places is much more interesting when I have it along. Time goes much quicker.

I am having a little trouble adjusting to the Kobo. Like many who commented on the previous post, I like the feel and smell of a "real" book. Like everything else, the Kobo has its pros and cons.

I am reading a book on my Kobo right now and it's one that I had heard was excellent. For some reason I'm not really getting into it, but we'll see how it progresses as I delve deeper into it. I'm about 40% through and so far it hasn't impressed me. After this book, I have a book to review for author Darlene Franklin and so I will once again have a real book in my hands. Though I do love the Kobo, I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Loved the movie The Help! Just don't feel the same about chocolate pie though. LOL I am thinking about getting a Kindle or something along that line. Just not sure what I want yet.

  2. You do know that if you log into Kobo with your computer that you'll also get the same books on your computer? Not that you'll want to read them there, but it gives me some sense to security to have them in two places.

  3. I hate to sound dumb, but I have not idea about a Kobo! I'll have to check them out....

    *Still love Book Stores with Cafe's* or *in-bed reading with a real book*