Sunday, February 12

Nine Span Bridge

This is the nine span bridge at Caledonia, Ontario. If you can't read the fine print, it says, "Caledonia's famous nine span bridge, the only one of its kind in Canada."

The bridge was built between June 7th and November 19, 1927. That was a major feat back then. The bridge, over 80 years old, is 72 feet 7 inches in length. There was a two day celebration when it was declared open my government officials.

In 1984, major work was done on the bridge to reinforce it. Motorists still use the bridge today, even though a bypass has been constructed around the city.

I remember traveling over this bridge as a child and thinking how large it was. Back in the 50s, it was the biggest bridge I'd ever seen. It was thrill to cross the arched bridge and watch the water of the Grand River flow over the dam.

The picture was probably taken in the late 50s. The area has really built up since that time, but the bridge remains.


  1. Hey girl..... that is a beautiful picture... Wonder how are you? I have just now finished with my brothers web site and I must say it looks great... If I do say so myself... I just stopped everything in Jan and sat down and finished it... I started it in November.... I have mine started and hope to finsih by March.. it has been a long time in coming...

    how are you ? How are the boys..... Are you working or still doing the Etsy? Maybe this year I will get started... I painted my shop and put up shelves and it is finally finished... now time to make something .. We have winter moving in finally.. all my peonies are up and that is crazy......

    I am going to try and get caught up here in the blog and visit....... sending you hugs...

  2. It's a beautiful bridge and I love the history you told. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you didn't get too much snow today.

  3. Old bridges have a certain charm.

  4. Wow....that [even tho bridges instill a fear in my that's unexplainable] bridge is actually quite beautiful.

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  5. I love bridges. That one is very unique. I think I would still use it, too.

  6. Well, geez, I didn't even know this bridge existed! Ok, another landmark we need to visit! lol That is so awesome, Mary. xoxo