Thursday, February 23

A Visit from Griffyn and Tarryn

Some of you will remember Griffyn and Tarryn. They are the boys of my niece, Melissa. On Monday, which was Family Day in Ontario, the boys and Melissa stopped in for a visit.

The boys had fun on Family Day. They went to a special fair a few miles away. Their faces were painted and they were excited. They played with Dakota for a few minutes but then he started getting too excited. I don't really trust him around the boys, as he's only seen them a couple of times.

The boys told me about a hike they'd been on. I'm going to show you a few photos.

This is what the boys looked like a few months ago. Griffyn is a little quieter than Tarryn. Griffyn in blue and Tarryn in red.
This is what they looked like on the day of the hike. They love the outdoors and I hope that love continues for the rest of their lives.
Melissa and the boys. Look at the ice behind them. Beautiful sculpture in a winter that has been fairly mild.
This is gorgeous! I have never been to the Conservation area, but sure would like to go. There is an abundance of beauty there.


  1. The boys are certainly growing! They change so quickly at this age.
    I like that Ontario has Family Day - what a great idea!

  2. I know you enjoyed the visit. It's been awhile since we'd seen pics of them. They will be young men before you know it.

  3. They are so cute! I can't believe how much they have grown. The photos are wonderful. :-)

  4. Love the new header. I need her gloves and hat. LOL The boys are really growing up and are cutie pies. You need to go to that beautiful place and take more photos for us tree hugger. Peace

  5. I'm glad you had a nice visit. Hope you are doing well. I've starting blogging again.

  6. Oh wow, I can't get over how much they've grown! Such cute little boys:-) Love the picture of them with their mom in front of that iced up waterfall...where is the Conservation area over there? We're getting snow again today and it's -2c. We've got so much snow, I'm quite sick of it already!! My brother Guy called me the other day and it's been so mild there (near Georgetown), he's had to tap his maple trees already, the sap is running. I obviously live in the wrong part of Ontario! lol xoxo

  7. The boys are so cute.They are sure bundled up too but would have to be in cold likt that.
    The ice formations are wonderful. I wold love to do some photography in a place like that, with the sun glistening off the ice.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.