Tuesday, April 24

What's Been Happening

Hubby got his cortisone shot on Thursday and it worked. That is great news because he'd suffered with pain in the right hip for a couple of years. His leg is slightly stiff but at least not painful.

Monday morning I had a heart monitor put on by my cardiologist. It has to be worn for 24 hours and I go back this morning to have it taken off. It is small enough that I didn't realize it was there most of the time. Maybe now we'll find out what's going on with the heart palpitations.

It snowed here off and on all day yesterday. Nothing that accumulated but it was cold, wet and very windy. Not my favorite weather. I had to put my winter coat on. Hope it warms up soon.

I see Blogger has been making changes again. Not sure I like this new feature.

In other news the boys, my daughter and Mom are all well.


  1. Glad to hear the shot was helpful for your hubby! When i wore the heart monitor it really helped them with my palpitations - hope it helps you too.
    It's cold and windy here too, but at least no snow.

  2. Hope you get a good report from wearing the heart monitor. Glad your husband got some relief from his pain. Glad everyone is doing okay. Sorry for your coldness. It has been very chilly here also.

  3. Well....I'm happy to see you stop by dear Mary...but your blog posts are not showing up. So, I'll go by what the previous comments are...Hope your heart monitor worked to an advantage and they now have the right medications for you. Dwight was in pain? Oh dear...hope he's doing well also.

  4. Hi Mary! I'm glad the corisone shot helped Dwight. I'm with the other posters in hoping that the heart monitor test proves to be helpful. Glad to see that the rest of the family is doing well. Hope the boys are still happy "high-schoolers". :-)

  5. PS....Mary, I finally read your latest comment you left for me...and your blog template is showing up now!! Praise be. Glad you figured it out.

    Just wanted to tell you, I rarely go into my email accounts any more, so it may take a while for me to get back to you via an email. I just don't have the time any longer. I do my blog, and then visit most of them that comment before Bud gets up in the morning and then the computer isn't even used the rest of the day. I just came in right now to get my blog scheduled for tomorrow's post and we're leaving to go out for dinner and a movie.